Wednesday, May 12, 2010

IN History Books to Recommend

The kids and I have enjoyed learning about Indiana this year in school. While at the homeschool convention this spring I came across two wonderful books that we all have enjoyed. The first is By Freedom's Light by Elizabeth O'Maley.

By Freedom's Light tells the story of a girl in mid-nineteenth century Indiana who struggles with whether or not it is right to help slaves escape on the underground railroad. Before she knows it, she finds herself involved with a slave, slave hunters, and people involved with the underground railroad.

I found this story well-written and compelling, both for children and adults. It is a great way to learn more about life during the Civil War era as well as in rural Indiana. While the book is historical fiction, it does include a number of real-life characters such as Levi Coffin, the most prominent organizer of the Underground Railroad.

Captured by Mary Blair Immel, tells the real life story of a boy captured by Confederate soldiers, taken into battle and subsequently imprisoned at Camp Morton in Indianapolis. It was shorter than the previous book, but also very interesting, especially since it took place here in our hometown.

I would highly recommend these books for adults and children interested in the Civil War time period and Indiana History.

Pictures taken from the Indiana Historical Society website.

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Ruth MacC said...

Congratulations Heather! Just popped over for a visit and see I missed out on so much. Your daughter is beautiful. She looks so alert and wise in the photos and I love her wee Sunday outfit. Also, I really liked the photos of the wilde flowers. Hope you are feeling well. God bless.