Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer Fun

We had some good old summer fun this week when I took the kids down to our "secret beach" to let them wade in the water. I have such wonderful memories from my childhood of playing in the mountain streams and creeks of central Pennsylvania, where we had no access to proper pools in the summer.

The kids definitely had a blast in the stream.

And it was so peaceful and quiet sitting on a stone watching them.

Laura snoozed away in her buggy in the warm, afternoon heat.

And I took along a pint jar of hot mint tea:

Hopefully we'll get back again soon.

Ever since school let out I've found myself in a rat race to get chores done. I had grand ideas of deep cleaning and organizing during summer vacation, but I've spent the first two weeks frustrated at the little I've gotten done.

I poured over FlyLady and made lists and plans, but find that I'm frustrated and the kids are having no summer fun. So, I think I'm going to have to re-adjust. Except for a few good ideas that will work with my system, I'm going to have to throw FlyLady out the window. I think I will have to be more realistic in my deep cleaning/organizing goals.

This is my only summer to enjoy Laura as a baby, and to have all my kids under the age of 10. I want all of us to remember a fun summer, not a stressed out mother and over-worked children. Somehow I need to find the right balance.

In the mean time, laundry is on hold. Yesterday I told a friend I wasn't minding our broken dishwasher too much (although some late evenings I'd give a lot to have it working again). I was just glad it wasn't the washer that was broken. Well, a few hours later.....broken washer. Sigh. The repairman can't come until Thursday but I'm going to try a sob story and hope we can get an earlier appointment. At least I finally caught up with the last 3 washdays worth of laundry BEFORE the washer broke.


Mrs J said...

Enjoy your summer! Looks like it's getting off to a great start.

willow said...

Hello Heather,
Your time by the stream looks lovely, smiling children who will remember that more than they will ever remember whether the house was super-tidy!
I looked at flylady a couple of years ago but decided it was a bit to regimented for me and having a schedule meant that it was so easy to "fail" if I didn't follow it.
A fun summer is much more important - not having a washing machine with four children and a baby is not much fun though - work on that sob story!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Stephanie and I both found FlyLady did not work for us as it is written on her website.

For me because of chronic illness and for her because of multiple small children.

We both took her best advice that applied to us and disregarded what didn't work.

For instance, a priority for me is to have the dishes done and the "sink shiny" before going to bed even if there are other household duties left undone. There is something about waking to a clean kitchen!

Amy K said...

How awesome! I love all the pictures of the river beach adventure. You're right--our time with our kids is fleeting (even if some days it seems like it will be forever :). Good for you for trying to incorporate more fun!! You'll always have those memories but you won't remember the laundry, etc.

And so sorry to hear about your appliances. :-P Is your house about 10 years old yet? I've heard at the 10 year mark, everything breaks down. Several people have told me this! Hope it can be fixed sooner rather than later!!