Thursday, September 30, 2010

Laura at Four Months and Now

Somehow, I never managed to post Laura's 4 month pictures. And, since this is now my form of scrapbooking, I must include them.

Laura had her cardiology checkup yesterday and that went well. There is no further deterioration of the heart so things are stable, waiting for the surgery.

Here are some pictures from a month ago:

This has become the accepted form of comfort: two fingers

She is always a very happy baby, which is so nice considering her unhappy condition.

Baby feet are so sweet, especially when they are peeking out from under the nursing cover. I must get a picture of that sometime.

At a picnic one afternoon -- not the happiest of looks though.

Our first family picture since Laura was born!!! YAY!!!

Me and my sweet baby! I said something about "my daughters" today and it made me so happy thinking I actually have two girls!!!

Christina knitted her a beautiful "Bog Jacket" for fall and winter. Note: these pictures were a month ago when she was chubbier. She's skinnier now.

Sweet baby hair which is as wild as ever, just longer.

Doctor appointments seem to rule our schedule -- five this week and five next week (not all are for Laura). I think I want to take one week before surgery and schedule NOTHING! :)


southseaislandhome said...

She is so sweet, and I love the beautiful clothes you have for her. Those baby feet are adorable! Glad to hear that her check up went well.
You look really great in that watermelon pink, Heather!

Amy K said...

Cute, cute, cute!! I'm glad that things have stabilized with Laura's heart condition. We are praying for best case scenario at every turn and we know God loves Laura and holds her in His hand!!

paul smith said...

sooooooooo cuuuute!!

willow said...

Lovely family photo, Heather.
Glad to hear that things have stabilised for Laura. It must be hard to juggle all the doctors appointments and try to keep a normal family life but at least we live in a time (and place) where help is available to Laura.

Lovella ♥ said...

OH she is a doll. I'm so glad things are stable. ..and I'll continue to pray for Laura to gain strength.
The family pictures is so nice. You have such a nice family. ..

hire blackberry developer said...

Those pictures are adorable. I really loved it. She looks to cute. God Bless her :)