Thursday, September 16, 2010

What We Did on 9/11/10

Last Saturday we attended a wonderful parade in Zionsville. The theme was "Heroes" which was appropriate for something held on 9/11.

The kids were very excited and ready for candy. :)

Here's Laura with her silly grin, decked out in her newly knitted cardigan.

After waiting for more than an hour, the parade finally came down the street! Very appropriate to begin with all the firetrucks.

There were many tributes to 9/11:

And there was even a pipe band! Andrew told me later that when he saw them he "almost cried because it made him miss Scotland."

After we ate our picnic lunch we let the kids each choose one ride in the Lions Park carnival.

Rachel and Andrew loved the swings:

James used will power and resisted all the fancy rides to wait for a ride on a sweet little pony:

I think we looked a sight: umpteen balloons and almost umpteen children walking through the park.

It was a great outing for our staycation.

Today we started our first week of Homeschool Group. The kids loved their classes, which include German, Science Dissection, Gym, and various other things.

Laura also started her first physical therapy. She did a good job, and hopefully this will help her gain some muscle strength.

We are looking forward to a visit from Michael's mom and sister and her family next week!!! All the ladies are going to the True Woman conference, Michael is headed to Chicago for another conference, and somewhere in between we are going to enjoy each other's company!


Darcy said...

That is a beautiful sweater that Laura is wearing. And a sweet, sweet picture of her and her smiling face.

To look at that picture, it's so hard to believe that she has such a heart condition and soon will face surgery.

You are in my continual thoughts and prayers.

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh I love Laura's grin. .that girl has some spunk. The sweater you knit is just so pretty. .I'd be smiling too.
oh. .and the kids. .they are always so fun to see, especially enjoying themselves. Enjoy your conference.

southseaislandhome said...

Laura has such a sweet smile.
And oh boy I wish I was going to that conference too - I don't know any of those women (except Joni), but what I read sounds so good.
Nice to see the pictures of your day out - looks nice and warm. :o)

Amy K said...

Love the pic of Laura! What a great smile! So pretty!!

Ruth MacC said...

You are all looking well and I particularly like the photo of Laura and her smile :0)