Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Last Days of Fall

The cooler weather is headed our way and I think we're about to say goodbye to the beautiful October days of autumn.

It's taken me weeks to upload these photos we took over at Eagle Creek. It was such a gorgeous day for a walk and we all needed some stress relief.

The stairstep children sitting on a log:

Me with the babies:

A very dark picture of Michael and me:
Something fun to play on:
Andrew is all about sketching and drawing right now. Following in his grandmother and great-grandmother's footsteps.

Rounding a bend, we saw Mr. & Mrs. Mallard out for an evening stroll.

The rose hips were beautiful.

Gorgeous colors! Orange and blue are complementary colors so it is no wonder that an October sky looks so beautiful against the orange trees.

Walking through the woods:

Such beauty!
Fallen leaves:
Today is the last day of homeschool group. The kids are already there and Michael and I are waiting to take Laura in for her MRI. This will let us know if there is anything going on under her nose where the tiny hole is or if there is something wrong with her brain.

Laura's been suffering from a terrible cold this week which makes it difficult for her to sleep at night and causes her to gag her food. We are all praying it will be over soon. This week has been amazing for difficulties (some not mentioned here). I think I'm ready to cry "uncle". However, Michael kindly took over some feeds last night so I was able to get a couple hours of sleep.


Jessica said...

Your pictures remind me of our audubon sanctuary here. So relaxing. The leaves are almost off the trees here now. Although, we are having an unusually warm few days. The last hurrah I think. Time to start hunkering down with craft projects again. Lot's of love to your family.

Amy K said...

Looks like a fun day! So glad to hear the good news about Laura's weight gain!

Lovella ♥ said...

Heather. .it all sound so frightening ..and I don't blame you for feeling at your wits end.
Praying for the MRI today.

The fall pictures are beautiful. The stair step children are so sweet.

Heather said...

I love your fall pictures and the fact that you took time out of the present everyday stress to enjoy God's glorious handiwork. I imagine that you must feel very overwhelmed with everything right now, which is perfectly natural. I often feel that way myself, but in the middle of wanting to just bury my head in the pillows and sleep until the next 'normal' day God has in mind for us comes around, I remember - people are praying for us. Many are praying for your dear little family as well - and God is faithful. God has counted every funny wild hair on Laura's sweet little head, and He knows you inside and out Grave's disease and all - and He loves you so. When I want to cry 'uncle' I whisper 'Abba' instead and His peace is the balm that soothes like nothing else. I'll keep praying for you friend!

J said...

Found your blog by accident. By the way our blog is -

Anonymous said...

some lovely fall photos Heather! :)