Saturday, October 30, 2010

Moving Up The Scale

The good news is, Laura is gaining more weight!!! YAY!!! She's up to 11 pounds 4 ounces and her pediatrician was so pleased with the progress Laura is making on the scale and developmentally. We are so thankful for this positive answer to prayer!!

Here's Laura on the way back to Riley for her MRI on Thursday. Her cheerfulness sure is a special treat during these hard days.

All ready to be put under. It was recovery that wasn't so easy. But we had a good nurse, and time to wait it out, and she's been fine ever since.

We're still battling terrible colds, but we've been able to get a bit more sleep since mid-week and that is making a huge difference!

The older kids ended soccer season today and it will be nice to have Saturdays free. Colder weather is here, but there's still plenty of sunshine.


Lovella ♥ said...

It's a good thing little ones do not think to worry. Oh that we could all have such childlike faith in our Father as she does with those strong hands close by.

It's a chilly day here too. .with a storm in the forecast. I hope your colds all blow away too.

Mary said...

Hi Heather:

I was going through my "Bookmarks" & saw Blackberry Rambles...

My sister went to SUNY with your Mom & Dad. I was able to locate your Mom about a year ago through Facebook. She encouraged me to catch up on the family through your blog. I have to say; it was so fun to read your entries. So interesting.

I became a Christian around the same time your parents did & my sister & I actually visited your family in VT. You were a toddler at the time.

Anyway, without writing a book; the day I peeked in to your blog recently, was when you were diagnosed with Graves disease. I am praying for you!! You appear such a sweet Mom & wife, and Christian, and incredible cook too (I see by your amazing pics)!!!

All the best!

Mary (Toal) Farmer
Susan's sister

Emma@christmascupboard said...

awww bless her...I'm pleased to read your little one is doing well...She is beautiful! x

Barb said...

Michael and Heather- recently heard about your trials and your wonderful daughter. Our Canadian church and our family are praying for you and will pray for the surgery tomorrow. Love in Christ, Courtney and Barb Miller, Hudson St-Lazare RPC in Quebec, Canada.