Saturday, October 23, 2010

Laura at Five Months

Laura turned five months at the end of September. Those of you on facebook have already seen these, but I need to post them here for the record.

How thankful we are for a happy baby. It does make a huge difference.

From experience, I know how precious it is to have a little baby sister.

Maybe the six month pictures will show chubbier cheeks. :)

That one tooth has been joined by a second in the last week.

All ready for church. Laura is blessed to have a cousin who is just 6 months older and doesn't mind passing down clothes.

Crazy hair -- but guess what? That runs in the family -- can't wait to show you the matching picture.
Fingers are so good.

Rachel wore this outfit (a gift from Aunt Marcia) when she was little.

We love to see her smile.

Not so sure......

As someone mentioned, this is a little like having a newborn again. The doctors are hoping she'll gain 10 ounces before surgery Nov. 8th. There is no talk of changing the surgery date. Maybe she'll gain more!

Laura takes pumped breastmilk (fortified with formula) through her tube. She nurses while that happens to keep her from forgetting how to eat. We're also supposed to keep giving her solids so she doesn't forget that either. But time goes so fast, and her little tummy is always uncomfortably full that we haven't managed that yet.


Lovella ♥ said...

I just tear up through the smile at seeing Laura. Ten ounces.. . okay. .we'll pray for 10 and see what God will do.

Thank you for filling in the bits for me :)

Rachel said...

Awww, I know how time consuming pumping + nursing can be, but I also know (from the experience of a nephew and niece) how incredibly important it is to keep that oral stimulation going! I'm slightly surprised that they want her having solids though, at only five months. I will be praying that her little body decides to make up for lost weight gain!