Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January Knitting Tea

It's taken me nearly a month to post these pictures from a "knitting tea" we had with our good friend at the beginning of January.

It is our tradition to get together sometime after Christmas for our "holiday" tea. Christina kindly hosted us this year.

It was a busy tea with six little children making noise and adding to the conversation.

We often exchange gifts and this year, lo, and behold, we'd all made them! I made a tea cozy, Christina knitted a shawl, and our friend knitted us both cowls.

Each gift particularly suited the recipient.

I LOVE this cowl. It's so soft, and beautiful, and nice and snug around my neck. (Apparently the pattern is from Knitty, in case you are wondering.)

Lots of books were read by the children, including Laura's newest.

Mom showed up sporting her Christmas gift -- the socks Christina knitted.

Grandma helped to quiet the children a bit.

We ended up with a whole room full of reading children.

Of course there was plenty of tea and many goodies.

And eventually the little one zonked out.

A lovely afternoon was had by all.


Lovella ♥ said...

You girls are an inspiration. I wonder if I'd learn to knit if you were my neighbor. I'd imagine so.
The gifts were lovely. . such talent.
I loved your mom's socks. I was in a sport store and saw some similar. .but they were either too big or too small.
I wear Keens too. ..that also made me smile.

Unknown said...

I loved this post. It helped me realize it was a beautiful afternoon - I was too caught up in helping with the chaos! But it was lovely, wasn't it? Loved the pics - what memories!