Monday, January 24, 2011

Our Newest Bookworm

Laura is the newest bookworm around here. Every night she sits with Michael in bed and reads her books while Michael reads his (well, in this picture he's reading his Mac). It's so cute how into books Laura is already. I guess it's a good thing since last time I counted there were 21 bookshelves in this house.

The snow continues here -- we don't have all that much, just a few inches, but we have freezing cold weather and no thaw in sight. Silly me was using the garage for a second fridge when the garage door got left open for hours and my produce froze. UGH! At least most of it was salvaged and, compared to what could have happened, the lettuce and greens were a small loss.

It's almost the end of January and I still have not posted my 2010 books! I better get on the ball this week!


Heather said...

That's an adorable picture - we have a few like that with Dreamer and Daddy, both reading their Bibles! It is sooooooo cold here too! Sadly our condensate line is frozen under the house somewhere, so we are emptying pails and drying out the furnace room and hoping that the weather warms soon! I'm sorry about your produce - we've used our garage for a second fridge too, but we always set a freezer alarm to go off if the temps got too cold or too warm. That was cheap peace of mind!

Laura said...

OH.. this is tooo cute.. I love it.. that lil Laura brings so much joy!!! and keeps us all smilin!!!


Lovella ♥ said...

OH such a sweet picture. I love seeing the real folks in your house. Bookworms are right. I wonder what bookshelves will look like in 10 years. Those kindle books are looking mighty tempting to me.

willow said...

What a sweet picture, those little tiny hands.

You have had snow for a long time. Here its grey and wet but relatively mild. I hope we are done with snow this winter.

Rachel said...

Such a sweet pic! Love the little hands!

Ruth MacC said...

Great photo!