Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Pictures Part 2

Christmas Day dawned bright and unseasonably warm -- no white Christmas!

After church everyone congregated here for lunch and the afternoon.

I am so pleased to say that we were healthy for Christmas! That was a gift!

Cranberry punch, mince pies, and appetizers were available until the ham was ready.

Yay! We managed to get a family photo!!!

Grandma looked so pretty in her plaids......

There were games and conversations going on.

The appetizer table:

I tried a new salad: citrus, fennel and black olives with mint, lemon juice and olive oil. We all enjoyed it!

Lunch consisted of ham, my favorite green beans, a potato leek gratin, the citrus salad, and honey roasted parsnips and carrots.

I found British crackers for us to enjoy around the table and everyone wore their crowns!

Emily and Craig -- they made sure we were well supplied with Trader's Point Creamery eggnog even though it was sold out across country.

John was so excited about opening his tools and promptly started fixing my furniture for me.
(note: why does my house look so clean in these pictures? it sure doesn't feel that way in real life :)
I made zip cases for the ladies in the family, with Burt's Bees creams inside (and yes, I managed to stay in budget of $5 via an internet deal!).

Emily surprised Christina with the cowboy boots she really wanted.

And the kids had such a fun time!

Eventually we had dessert: cookies, mince pies, eggnog, and Christmas pudding.

Three cheers for the Christmas pudding and the rum sauce and the homemade eggnog ice cream to go with it!

And there was the Christmas china to use -- one of my favorite sets I brought back from Scotland.

And so ended another day of Christmas celebration.

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Candice said...

So glad you had a nice Christmas! Your food looks amazing! Happy New Year!