Thursday, December 8, 2011

Memories of Today

We went on a field trip to Conner Prairie today. Is there anything better than history???!!!

The beauty of simplicity is everywhere.

I was born in New England and the house I was brought home to was built in the Colonial style. These kinds of simple furnishings are part of my heritage.

Perhaps the cookies we make in our time are better tasting though.....

Fires are certainly romantic to walk past on a day like today, but they probably took a lot of work. (And now I smell like a bonfire.)

Talk about color combinations: orange, teal, and red.

I haven't seen this Conestoga wagon before. I can't imagine our family moving west in something like this:

The woodworking shop takes me right back to my childhood as well. My Dad has always done a lot of woodworking and would take us to shops like this in Maine or other places.

I think my boys need to make some of these toy soldiers.

Everyone got to have a turn.

I loved the outfit on the schoolmaster. Everything was "aged" and well-mended. Quite vintage if you ask me.

Lor was having a great time, except for the fact that her snowsuit makes her almost unable to move.

And another amazing outfit -- check out the "ear warmers" -- think we could get away with knitting a pair of those??? I also loved the shawl and the stockings over the fireplace.

I can see how fun it must be to work at a place like this.

Certainly an inspiring day.....we'll see what comes of it!


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Would you believe I've never been there? Someday I must go.

I love going to Old Sturbridge Village in Mass. with my New England family. Stephanie and I also talk about how peaceful and lovely it all looks but these people had to forge a hard life in a harsh climate.

I must admit I still sigh whenever I'm there and think I was born in the wrong century. :)

Also absolutely loved Colonial Williamsburg. We went back four times and still didn't see everything.

We centered our homeschooling around history. Which is probably why Christopher is getting A's in Ancient History at the University. :)

Mama T said...

I love that place. My hubby went there for the first time this past October. We stopped on our way to Marion, IN.