Saturday, April 21, 2012

Christina's Birthday

Tradition dictates that we celebrate Christina's birthday with a picnic at the Indianapolis Museum of Art gardens.

No one ever wants to change this tradition! We love it too much. Thursday we were blessed with beautiful, sunny weather.

The mock orange and lilacs were in full bloom.

John and Laura are learning to be buddy cousins.

And we all have fun taking pictures of them.

There were presents -- randomly all dressed in pink!

And a cake: gluten free champagne with lemon curd and whipped cream and lots of beautiful pineapple flowers and blackberries.

This provided the perfect opportunity for trying out my recent melamine teacup purchase.

Here is the happy, and beautiful, birthday girl!

It was delightful to have Alecia, Christina's sister-in-law join us too!

Grandma even got a bit of sketching with the children included.

I think we ate too much cake.....

One more April birthday ahead -- Laura turns 2 this coming Friday!


Anonymous said...

Wow! That cake! It looks SO GOOD! What are pineapple flowers?

Ellen said...

Pineapple flowers? I'll have to look that one up. Are they just decor or are they edible too? Looks like a lovely lovely birthday.

Ruth MacC said...

I could never eat too much of that cake!