Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Year of Knit Club

Last Thursday was our last Knitting Club at homeschool group for the year. We've had a total of 12 sessions between the fall and the spring. These girls have done amazing things! When we started in the fall only 2 of them knew how to knit, and really were at the very beginning stages.

Now they all knit very proficiently and between us, in the last 7 weeks, we made 29 hats for babies in Haiti as well as 3 blankets. Fantastic!

We all had fun sitting around for an hour each Thursday and the girls gradually got to know each other better as the year went on.

Look at all these beautiful things!!!!

I'm so proud of the girls and looking forward to meeting a few times throughout the summer to keep up skills and fellowship.

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Anne said...

That is fantastic!