Friday, August 24, 2012

The Bits and Pieces of our Days

We were excited to find another Black Swallowtail Butterfly caterpillar munching on our parsley a few weeks ago and promptly brought it inside. One morning last week I woke to find the chrysalis looking like this. I had time just to wake Andrew up and run downstairs before the butterfly broke loose.

It took quite awhile for the butterfly to unfold his wings. I was quite nervous for him, but after about 15 minutes or so he was good to go!

Andrew let him fly away. Isn't he beautiful!!!!

Our mornings of school look like this. Mostly the children work in Michael's office but if they are working with me one on one or we are doing history then they sit here.

I was informed last week that I had "won a chicken dinner" from a drawing I signed up for at the County Fair. It turned out to be a demonstration of waterless cookware.

The kids enjoyed the dinner and it turned into a very good learning opportunity for all concerned.

I got Emily's wedding invitations addressed last week. They looked so pretty with white ink on brown envelopes.

Rachel and her friend played "house" last week with real babies. They did such a good job of babysitting and the two babies had fun!

The real country is just a hop, skip, and a jump from where we live. We ventured out to a picnic reunion for Michael's Leadership Hendricks County group on Saturday.

On Sunday we enjoyed Middle Eastern food to go along with our studies of the Ancient Near East. It was a delicious and fun lunch!

Then we took a little walk in the nearby park. It really is beginning to feel like Fall.

Monday evening we went out shopping for Rachel's junior bridesmaid dress for Emily's wedding. This rainbow brightened the sky the whole drive to the mall.

And now another week of school is almost over! We are enjoying it, despite the long hours and very full days. This afternoon we are headed out to celebrate cousin John's 3rd birthday!


DesertSnowdrop said...

The butterfly pictures are so neat! I bet your kids just loved seeing it emerge! The cooking demo must have been interesting.

reader19 said...

You'll never guess--we were taking in some of our Fennel last night and found quite a fair few caterpillars on them. After looking them up today; we found out they were Black Swallowtails! We have had many of them years back; but have had a dry run the past 2 years. We are so excited to get to go through the process again this year. Last time it was dill they were on; this year fennel. How fun! We loved seeing your pictures!! Thanks for sharing them with us!

Ruth MacCarthaigh said...

Great photos Heather. Always nice to see how others are getting on with their schooling. Reminds me to put a little fun into ours. We started back today. Sean is so happy to be home schooled again that he hugged me twice:) I got your messages on my blog. I dont use it any more.(You would never guess lol) I keep up with face book more than anyghing.

I would like to send you an email about how Sean got along in school and how he got saved. I know you already sent me yours but can you do it again!?
my email address is...