Thursday, August 23, 2012

The State Fair

The Indiana State Fair is one of the biggest highlights of our childrens' year!!! They love it so much! This year we had the most perfect weather ever -- never getting above 75F! It made 8 hours at the fair actually tolerable!

We started off with a trampoline show -- quite impressive!

Little Hands on the Farm is top of the list and this was Laura's first year to really participate:

Milk the cow, Laura!

This will have to function as our "First Day of School Picture" this year as I forgot to take one the previous day when we actually started. How's that for going on a field trip the second day of school!

The kids stopped to make dowels in the pioneer village:

Pictures on tractors, another tradition:

I thought of my in-law's when I saw this carved pumpkin -- it would be at home in Oklahoma!

Canned food art! I hope that the food was donated to a local food pantry!

The biggest pumpkin! Looks like the drought didn't effect this thing!

What an amazing cheese sculpture!!!!

The kids were allowed one ride each as well as a ride on the Ferris Wheel. Rachel and Andrew chose the swings.

James chose this Flyer:

I let them try one game since for $5 we got 60 pingpong balls to divide between everyone. What do you know? We won 4 fish! Sadly, I've killed 3 by over-feeding. Hopefully the last one will stay alive a bit longer.

David chose the trucks.

It took 2 hours just to get the kids to choose and ride their one ride and the Ferris Wheel. However, wasn't it a beautiful evening?!!!

Couldn't get enough of the sky!

About 20 minutes out of the 2 hours was taken up with a lost child -- yes, David got lost in the Midway. Fortunately, Michael always gives the kids business cards so a lady promptly called me and then we just had to figure out how to find each other in the Midway. Poor guy!

Then we all rode the Ferris Wheel together, along with the 4 fish.

This is to prove I was there!

9:45 p.m. found us getting a "midnight" snack of elephant ear and potato chips. We had already feasted on free milkshakes and chocolate milk.

Certainly it was one of the best trips to the fair ever! I had intended to be home much earlier, but I think we made some wonderful memories!

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southseaislandhome said...

How fun!! It all looks amazing and free milkshakes. Wow! Looks like the children had a marvelous day and evening. My husband Robin who is one of 7 children has a unique memory from the annual fair in Auckland when he was a child - his little brother got lost every year pretty much as soon as they arrived, and their mother would send them all off to look for him, which took up most of the time they were there. No handy cellphones or business cards back in them days. :o)