Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Catching Up

I'm collecting a backlog of photos that need to be posted! We celebrated Andrew's 10th birthday on the last day of August!

Presents were opened at breakfast.

And  then after school we had a birthday party complete with Andrew's chosen menu (hotdogs, spinach/rice salad and veggies and dip). I think we had about 12 boys in the house! 

We had gluten-free cake and regular cake, which just "happened" to look like a 10!

The next day we had a craft day at Christina's to work on wedding projects. 

This picture is too cute!! Bride and groom working together! (And it's not the wedding dress she is sewing, don't worry!) 

We made a final trip to the pool on Labor Day. Our poor pool has hardly seen us the last 6 weeks or so. With school and everything going on it has been impossible to go. Maybe next summer........

Our friend Karen from Scotland came back to visit for a few days on her return trip to Scotland. We took her down to Anderson Orchard to pick apples.

Despite being hot and muggy, we enjoyed ourselves!

And the adults and one or two of the children actually picked apples.

But walking around in the orchard is always the best part.

Yay for time with friends!!!

And I got into a picture too!

Twice a week finds us at the soccer field. Our kids are playing Upwards Soccer this year and we are really enjoying it. They have a lovely place to play and wonderful coaches.

Homeschool group starts tomorrow and then we will be in the full swing of all our fall classes and activities.  


Amy K said...

Oh good! There are apples at the orchard! I was worried that there would hardly be any this year. :) Better get down before they're gone!

Unknown said...

I JUST made a "10" cake like that for our 10th anniversary! Love that red wrapping paper! :)

Reneelynn said...

So good to see the apples! The orchards in west Mi. are bare this fall because of the killing frosts this spring after the March warm up .
The farm stand near our house is closed this fall because they don't have anything to sell ;(