Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pottering About

Whenever I read that someone is "pottering about" I am always a bit envious. I never seem to get time to do that. And then, today fell in my lap when I most needed it! Michael's work was under control and he was able to take the children to their activities today, leaving only Laura and I at home!

"Pottering about" is the art of "moving about without hurrying and in a relaxed and pleasant way." Oh yes! This is how I am accomplishing the housework today! I didn't even make a list of what to get done, I'm just tackling things as I come across them.

I picked a bloom from my Queen Elizabeth rose bush!

I changed over the bed for something more fall-like, reaching into the depths of my creativity to find something in the cupboard that might make me "feel" like I had new bed coverings. I tidied up our room and will vacuum when Laura is awake. There are accents of orange and yellow now splashed about and marigolds (which I love!) by my bed (along with the untidied pile of books).

A new pile of flowers are awaiting their leaves and perhaps I can get to them in the next week.

There was even a chance to sit down with tea (Constant Comment Decaf) and chocolate, sugared nuts and fresh figs, to write a REAL letter! AAAAHHHH!

We are on vacation for the next two weeks so I am extra grateful for this chance to relax and get the house in a better state so that I am better able to help my family find refreshment in the next few weeks. Michael will be working on a writing project while we do some school (the fun bits!!!) and we've promised the children they can watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. 

And now I am off to keep pottering around.......


Catherine said...

Do you call it pottering about? I say "puttering." Now I'm wondering if I'm just misspelling someone else's accent? So many old phrases are like that! In any case, I'm glad you had a chance to potter or putter and enjoy yourself!

Heather L. said...

Puttering and pottering are variations of the same word. It is possible that pottering is more of the British variant and puttering is used more in America. I'm blaming my British friends since they are the ones I envy when they refer to pottering.

Karen Reyburn said...

Definitely 'pottering' least in the UK :) And i'm so glad you got to do some of that!!

southseaislandhome said...

It's pottering down here too. I love your marigolds! And your Queen Elizabeth rose looks just like a pink camelia I have flowering in my garden at the moment. Soooo pretty.
Enjoy your 2 weeks' break.

Anonymous said...

Just a teeny bit jealous! :-) Not only of your pottering/puttering, but of your beautiful Queen Elizabeth rose. I knew one of them in a friend's garden - gorgeous scent as well, as I remember.

Enjoy your break.

Jessica said...

what a nice day! let me know how the LOTR goes. I was thinking about letting E watch it but I was a little worried about the violence. I like it a lot though. Love the flowers, too. Life is starting to get more under control around here - hopefully posting will come again soon! I may have to start a video blog so I don't have to sit and type.