Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bits of October

This is the view we have been enjoying out our front windows these past few weeks. How I wish I had more time to be outside enjoying nature, but some years you just have to take whatever you can get!

Things have been busy here getting ready for the wedding and just going about everyday life! A friend and I stopped for an hour on Saturday after each cleaning house all day to enjoy some tea. Actually, we tried three different kinds of tea! (Darjeeling, Fennel, and a bright, berry-citrus)

The berry-citrus tea had a beautiful color and coordinated with the color on my Friendly Village china.

At long last we made it to the Nature Conserve just 3 miles from our house for a fall hike.

Beauty was everywhere!

Our neighbors are on fall break for two weeks so some of us got to hike together! 

Laura had plenty of fun!

 Look what appeared out the window just at the end of art class this past week, providentially right after a lesson on color and the color wheel!

Laura knows how to hold her own with her brothers! Nothing stops her.

James decided to work with his charcoal the other day. The kids have been drawing so much more and it makes me happy. Even Andrew, who doesn't take our art class, has been drawing all the time -- thanks no doubt to the wonderful nature art class he is getting at homeschool group.

Friday afternoon was spent baking and cooking for after the wedding this weekend. Unfortunately, I tried a new cookie recipe which resulted in beautiful cookies that you couldn't even bite into! Scratch those! And then my favorite bread recipe, which I have made countless times, decided to flop and I ended up with 4 loaves of Disaster Bread. Unfortunately, that will not do for our post-wedding feast. Fortunately, the kids were more than delighted to eat it up!

Today we are having a day off of school to get a bunch of things wrapped up for the wedding, including altering two dresses (which is always a pain). I'm off to work on my toast, put together the adorable programs, write some place cards, and clean my shower!


Laura said...

Love the pictures Heath.. especially little Laura.. what a sweetie.. so glad you are catching those precious moments.. love James's drawing!!! your bread looked yummy.. tomorrow we begin on the flowers... wear comfortable shoes :).... love you

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I wondered if you were using your Friendly Village, yet. ;)

Oh, how I remember wedding preps. That was all we had on our mind last spring and everything we did was leading up to that weekend!

reader19 said...

All your new pictures were great; but that charcoal of James's is really wonderful!!!!!

HeatherMavis said...

You've got a budding artist in James.
I pray that the weather will be beautiful for the wedding.
I added another post to my blog. I'd love to have you come for a visit.