Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Wedding

I cannot imagine a more joyous day than the one we had on Saturday! Everything went so well and we had the time of our lives! I can't stop thanking God for every blessing!

Today our thoughts are filled with everyone out East and the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. We continue to pray for lives to be spared and for the damage to be dealt with as quickly as possible. Several wedding guests were stranded here and saddest of all, the honeymooners were stuck in DC and unable to get to their honeymoon in Ireland. We shall see what happens.......

Here are some photos from the day! I have more of the events surrounding the wedding which I will post on another day:

Getting ready at Christina's house:

The bride fixing Aunt Nina's hair! We had the best time with the "Aunties" this weekend: Mom's two cousins, a dear family friend, and our own Aunt Georgie.

Getting ready is almost half the fun!

Rachel was transformed before our eyes into someone who was too grownup!!!

With Grandma:

The beautiful bride:

Time to get the dress on:

Which took plenty of work since there was a bodice to lace up:

Rachel had the wish of her life -- to be in Em's wedding.

 The flower girls were too cute!

Sarah and Christina:

The amazing bride!!!!!

Couldn't be prettier!!! (And she made her own bouquet!)

Waiting for the ceremony:

A few minutes to rest:

We all loved how the flowers turned out!!!! There were ornamental cabbages, "Kate" (as in Middleton) David Austin roses, spray garden roses, dahlias, hanging amaranthus, and a whole selection of greens and berries (including sage).

Mom and Mrs. Sanders had beautiful outifits!!! They both looked gorgeous!!!

 Here I am:

The cake at the barn reception.

David being his cheeky self:

Friends. The barn reception (at the farm where Craig works and where he and Emily met) was amazing! It was everything we all hoped it would be!

Craig organized and prepared two cheese and meat tables for everyone. Can you tell that he belongs in the family?! The food at the reception and the rehearsal dinner was such a treat for us all! 

There was a cocktail hour in which to enjoy the cheese and the tiny shots of butternut squash soup which were served. The bridal photos were over quickly enough for us all to enjoy it too!

Craig and Emily are so happy!

You can not imagine the joy it was to have out of town family here for the wedding. The last time we saw the Winslow side was four years ago. Being such kindred spirits, it is such a shame we don't see each other more.

John had fun!

Kids love these kinds of things!

Cake time! We had so many friends share their talents. A family friend, who had catered both Christina's and my wedding, cooked the sides for this wedding and another friend made the cake.

Watching the aunts laugh and talk and enjoy themselves all weekend was just marvelous!

And it was my job to give one of the toasts. :)

Laura got many people to dance with her over the evening:

Second cousins:

New buddies: one of the aunts

Rachel and Laura:

Bouquet throwing:

And it goes to the oldest flower girl! yay!


Happy times!

More aunts in a row:

Another little touch:


This was the only little boy I could convince to dance with me. Thanks James!

Yay! for a wonderful day!

PS: I have Andrew to thank for most of the reception photos. He was willing to take around my big camera and snap shots.


willow said...

It looks like a really wonderful day and you all look very happy. You are right about Rachel looking very grown up - she was still quite a little girl when I started reading your blog.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

What a beautiful wedding!

I thought of you guys as we were having really nice weather!

southseaislandhome said...

Such gorgeous photos! You girls all looked stunning, and you can see what a great and memorable time you've all had. I hope the newlyweds get to Ireland! I love big family weddings like this too - I have a happy memory of my 4 year old sitting on his newly married groom cousin's shoulders during a wedding dance. Such a great time to get everyone together.

Lovella ♥ said...

I so enjoyed seeing all the photos here again after seeing them on Facebook. You are such pretty women in your family. Blessings on the newlyweds. I do hope they can find a flight quickly and be on their way.

Laura said...

Love the pictures.. we just have to make a book... Andrew.. is amazing on the camera... great pictures!!!
we caught the moment.. it was all so wonderful!