Friday, August 16, 2013

The Tea Trolley and Other Bits of Life

Life seems a bit relentless this week trying to make sure the checklist is completed by Monday night....

Here is a picture of the Magical White Bean Soup I made from Bread and Wine last week. SO good!

A last tea was held with the neighbors before we leave. There were six of us and it was so nice to see everyone. All the kids on the block are back to school. We dined on Indian treats, Filipino fruit salad, berry crisps and cookies. And we drank African Summer tea.

Packing, packing and more packing! It's probably not as bad as I feel. It's just that looming deadline that I can't get away from!

Look who showed up in my garden this week! Isn't he SO cute!! He watched me for quite some time and allowed his picture to be taken.

My mom insisted on taking me out to lunch this week. Definitely medicine for the soul. Thanks Mom! I am so conscious that not everyone has a mom around (my mom didn't). I try to treasure each moment.

I think I mentioned the kids found all the library books! YAY!!!

We did take a few hours out to enjoy nature this week. The weather has been incredible -- in the 70's and sunny!

How cute is this tree frog?!

My copy of A Fine Romance: Falling in Love With the English Countryside by Susan Branch arrived this morning. I couldn't wait to start reading it.

Feeling quite slumpish after lunch I made a pot of caffeine tea, vowing to bear the consequences. Instead of powering me up I just felt worse and worse as the afternoon went on.

Finally around 5:30 I sat down to read the book! I couldn't stop. I was too tired to get out of my chair anyway. Susan's book is far too inspiring. Funny that her trip to England took her to so many of the places we plan to visit.

I was supposed to start pizza at 6. The clock ticked on and the pages kept turning. Hmmmm.....what about ordering pizza? Maybe our vacation money could pay for that now. Yes, Michael agreed. Order pizza. We never do that. Michael left to pick up the regular and gluten free pizza. More time to read....The pizza takes an extra long time. Oh well.

Half way through the book I stopped for pizza. Then I realized: I hadn't had any proper carbohydrates all day except for that cookie with tea. Twenty minutes later I was zooming around like wonder woman (well, not quite). Why do I always forget these things???

And now I must get on with the to-do list......

Oh, do check out Christina's latest free pattern for babies.

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Reneelynn said...

Take care of yourself so you don't get sick before you leave! It may be too late for this suggestion but a friend of mine has 4 little ones and when they go on vacation she puts each outfit it a large plastic ziplock bag ( top, bottom, underware, socks)they take out one each day and then they can dress themselves and at least she knows they will look put together ;) I hope you have a WONDERFUL time!!!

Christina said...

It all looks lovely! I'm sure you're feeling frantic as the minutes tick away and there is so much to do!

Hang in there! You're almost on that plane and then you can relax! You can make it!

Your story about not having carbs is funny - but I'm sure it wasn't funny in the moment! You'll laugh about it later!

willow said...

Have a lovely trip, Heather. I am sorry that it doesn't look as if we will be able to meet up but I look forward to reading about what you all get up to over here.

reader19 said...

I don't think I know Susan Branch---I will have to look her up. I love the new stuffed animals; and would be interested to know which child got which animal!!! You did such a GREAT job on them!! Wonderful! How interesting that that Tiger Swallowtails' wing was so tattered and worn! Have a great trip!

Jessica said...

Have an amazing trip! That bunny is so cute - how fun : ). I love all of the knitting you are bringing along, too. Listen to some bagpipes for me, too! I can't wait to read the stories and see the pictures when you get back.