Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Tea Trolley

There are so many tea pictures to post. Funny enough, I've actually made myself take a step back from drinking so much tea in recent days and force myself to pick up the water glass a bit more. 

Certainly my favorite recent teas came from our Beatrix Potter Week. So much work in the moment but so much reward afterward.

The kids and I are still laughing about Roly Poly pudding and Samuel Whiskers. The boys ate up the last slices of Dundee Cake the other evening. 

I made my mom this tea cozy for her birthday. I love the combination of crochet with the wool flowers. I gave the teapot to her with it as it was one I found at a thrift store for just $3.

 David requested cinnamon rolls for his birthday and wanted them gluten free so everyone could join in the fun! I found this recipe and couldn't believe how quickly they whipped up and how good the results were!

I was surprised how much I enjoyed making tea for everyone each morning of our Beatrix Potter Week. The kids loved it too. I think maybe I should take time for this more often in the coming school year.

The weather here has been the best of any summer I remember. Usually it is far too hot to sit outside during the day but this year is different. I am entranced by the hummingbirds and now I always sit down for meals at a place at the table where I can watch them. The sunflowers attract the goldfinches, my other favorite bird. I never tire of being awed by their beauty.

With Daddy gone, Laura has become my little shadow this summer. She's so sweet and fortunately she is rarely a pest. She loves to drink tea and it makes me happy. I've also been loving my bean teepee in the garden. My garden is more for looks and birds than for actual produce, but I enjoy it nonetheless.

Tea at my sister, Emily's, where they drink coffee themselves but are so kind to make tea when we arrive. I love the teapot with the green handle, and their tall mugs are perfect for large cups of tea.

This past weekend Emily and Craig served cupcakes and homemade eggnog icecream. It was so good!

Evening tea on the back patio with my book and knitting buddy this week called for fresh blueberry crisp made from the recipe in Bread and Wine (as described in Wednesday's post). Delicious!

Yesterday as all my Knitting Club girls were arriving one of them handed me this mug and told me it was a present. Don't you love it?!! What I'm sure my friend didn't realize is that "You're the best!" is a phrase my mom and sisters and I use for each other all the time. It was perfect.

And there was a pot of tea holding our hands as a friend and I dove late in the evening into the process of making corsages and boutonnieres for a wedding today. We had fun together and I think each of us was inwardly celebrating the fact that 9 months ago the mother of the bride was given just a few weeks to live and here she is today attending her daughter's wedding. How can one not rejoice at the answer to so many prayers!!!

I'm enjoying another pot of tea as I type. It's time to get to work on planning out the next week, clearing up my desk and checking off to-do lists.

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DawnC said...

The Tea Trolley is always my favorite post. It is such a day brightener. The sweet smile on Laura's little face with her cup of tea in hand is wonderful, her smile goes right to your heart and you can just feel the sweetness. Thank you for such a delightful post.