Friday, August 9, 2013

The Tea Trolley

I received this postcard in the mail from friends visiting Bavaria suggesting I might like to make one of these. Oh Black Forest Gateau, how I do enjoy thee! Maybe sometime soon I can make one.......

Sunday lunch last week. It was our last big meal on our own. Michael surprised us by returning home early on Monday evening. The kids and I had a wonderful summer but we are glad to be together as a family again.

I found some more vintage linens at Goodwill by the Pound recently. I love this towel with the teapots on it. Perfect for the tea trolley!

Fresh blueberries have been so cheap at the grocery store this year! I've been baking a lot with them. Blueberry scones with lemon drizzle were perfect for some friends who needed cheering up.

And a gluten free version of Blackberry Cobbler with another friend.

Thursday afternoon I met a friend at Soho Cafe in Carmel. My first time there and I was very impressed with their tea. I chose Mango Black Decaf with ? (I can't remember). It was amazing and didn't even taste like decaf. Nice thing they have free refills!!

One of the biggest joys of the summer is watching the almost constant flow of hummingbirds to my feeder. They also like to sit in my vegetable garden. I love them so much! They are so adorable. This week they let me stand just two feet from the feeder while they fed. The goldfinches also come constantly to my sunflowers which are purposely placed by several windows as well as in the gardens. They are so beautiful and very cheerful.

A pause for a pot of tea on Friday afternoon amidst the mess of organizing and doing life. Enjoyed Prickly Pear Cactus Tea and a bite of dark chocolate.

Here is the vegetable garden, finally weeded. It looks so much bigger and better in person. Although it is tiny and doesn't produce too much, it does bring lots of joy and there are plenty of herbs: lemon balm, basil, oregano, chives, parsley, dill, sage.

And now its time for lots of household chores and cleaning up! A cup of tea and a blueberry muffin may be in order first.


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I love your tea cosies!

I am so glad your hubby is now home. Mine used to travel all the time and while we quickly could slip into "Dad is away" mode, we were always ready for his return.

Especially when Christopher was little and still a handful!

Anonymous said...

Yes, here's to families being reunited. Lovely photos of your garden, and those blueberry scones look mouthwateringly delicious!

Pom Pom said...

Hi Heather! Oh, I'm so glad your hubby is home! Hooray! The tea trolley is wonderful. I love the cozies you found! Somehow I must set up a mini-tea trolley at school. I could share tea with weary teachers during my planning period. The kids would want some, too. We had a coffee house last year when they read their poems, and I was kept very busy serving up decaf coffee and tea. Cute.

Lovella ♥ said...

Heather, so glad that you are full around the table once more. I think your garden looks fabulous. We just got home after two weeks of camping and I just wandered around my sad garden. Where do I even begin this week to get it back into order. I think there will be some pulling to see what is all underneath.

Stephanie said...

Do you have a recipe for the GF blueberry cobbler? Sounds yummy! Have you managed to make GF scones that actually have the texture of regular scones? The Elana's pantry recipes I have tried are more muffin or cookie ish to me.