Thursday, June 11, 2015

North Carolina Part One

We are home now from a most wonderful time in North Carolina with family, celebrating the wedding of our cousin Julia. We all came home with full hearts and many, many precious memories.

The festivities began on Thursday evening with a special dinner at a local winery. I loved the front doors!

Here we are all dressed up! Couldn't resist the tartan dress!

Mom found a new toy -- a selfie stick. It was great to see Aunt Deb again. She joined us on the wedding flower team. Couldn't have done it without her.

 We started outside -- meeting related family and being introduced to the groom's parents.

Then we were lead into the winery for our dinner.

 Aunt Georgie had arranged the seating in such an exquisite way and it set the tone for the rest of the weekend.

One long table -- it was so lovely! We began with a delicious salad of spiced beets and goat cheese.

Then came the main course of scallops in a citrus sauce and smoked potatoes. It was incredible!

Others had roasted chicken.

The selfie stick got passed around. :)

 The next morning we were invited to the groom's grandparents for breakfast. Their family has lived on this land for three generations.

 There was a beautiful buffet set up in the basement.

I kept imagining what a wonderful house this must be for entertaining friends and family! We were certainly experiencing amazing hospitality.

Outside the children played and the grownups talked.

All the while enjoying the view of the family vineyard.

Which also included several rows of blackberries!!!!!

Mom and Aunt Deb grabbed some grape vines to use in the floral arrangements.

The flower crew then headed over to Round Peak Vineyard where the wedding was to take place. We couldn't get over the view. It reminded us so much of Vermont (the Winslow "base" for the last 40 years).

Mom and Aunt Deb had arrived a day early to unpack and prep the flowers.

A picture of the crew before we began.

Everyone got to work on the table decorations and the bouquets.

The flowers were just gorgeous!

Emily and I worked together on the bridesmaids bouquets.

Mom, Aunt Deb, and Christina did the table arrangements.

 And eventually I forced everyone to take some refreshment.

You know what mine was! Tea of course!

The peonies were amazing:

Once we put in a day's work on the flowers we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the rehearsal dinner. Sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get kids to dress up.

Rachel had so much fun rooming with mom and Aunt Deb for the weekend! She is blessed to have so many wonderful, amazing, godly women in her life.

 The groom's parents hosted us all for the rehearsal dinner. The kids loved the pingpong. (See the bride and groom's get-away car in the background?)

The men get some talk going:

And the women have a chat.

And look at this! Wine from the groom's grandparent's vineyard!

 Remember cousin Anna from New York City? Here she is! Her sister, Julia, is the bride.

The dinner scene:

I love this picture with three generations shown: grandparents, parents, bride and groom:

Another delicious dinner -- ribs or chicken.

We were a large group with more tables not pictured!

 The kids chalked up some extra screen time over the weekend. :)

There was a cake to be cut as on the wedding day we all enjoyed pies for dessert.

 Then Christina and I took on Andrew and James in a crazy game of pingpong.

Here's a typical picture of the weekend since Michael so kindly took care of the kids while I was busy doing flowers. It turns out the town where we stayed, Mt. Airy, was the inspiration for Andy Griffith's Mayberry so there was plenty to explore of an historic nature.

Saturday morning we were back to work after foraging for more needed greens, visiting a helpful local florist, and using our ingenuity to enter a locked room. We made it!

The bride stopped by to see her bouquet.

Aunt Deb started churning out boutonnieres while I took on the corsages.

Emily took care of all the details -- ribbons, pins, packaging.

Just in time the first batch were ready to go.

We all loved Julia's bouquet!

We delivered a few flower pieces for Julia and Anna's hair and found the bridesmaids all decked out in these gorgeous dressing gowns! (Apparently they are from Etsy and now we are all going to have to order them!)

Just before the wedding we put the flowers out on the tables.

The whole place looked magnificent.

Pillar decorations:

The head table:

 And the round tables with the table numbers that I created:

The mother of the groom requested a little posy to carry. It looked so pretty with her dress.

Once our job was done we had a few moments to cool down and celebrate before we headed out to the ceremony.

Rachel and I:

Everyone walked up the hill to the site of the wedding:

Getting in line for the guestbook:

Aunt Deb gets special delivery!

The boys (in more dress outfits!!!):

 It was a 5 p.m. wedding:

With beautiful sunshine and no rain for the ceremony!

Aunt Georgie, mother of the bride, looking fabulous as usual!

 And the two little flower girls were just adorable! They did so well!

So very precious!

And then came Julia with Uncle Bob -- a fairy bride for sure:

 What a beautiful setting for a wedding!

The sweet little flower girls got to sit with their mommy for most of the ceremony:

The new Mr. & Mrs.!!!!!

Cousin David with his two babies and Cousin Anna:

 Ashley, the hero of the afternoon, with her girls and Laura:

 A picture of all the Winslows present:

 Then we all walked down to the reception:

Rachel managed to get ahold of a golf cart (anticipating the season just ahead!):

Michael and me:

 The new couple with their parents:

 Introducing Julia & Logan and the bridal party:

A quick photo before this picture-avoider realized what was happening:

Julia and Uncle Bob:

And here is Julia with her attendants. Aren't they just beautiful!!! They were perfect!

And that's all I have of the wedding until I can get the photos on Michael's phone!


Catherine said...

Gorgeous! I always love seeing your flower arrangements!

Reneelynn said...

Wow!! just beautiful!!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Beautiful! It looks like the perfect outdoor wedding event.

I love North Carolina. We had planned to live there after Pete finished graduate school (in Wood Science & Furniture Engineering) but God had other plans and took us NORTH to Michigan.

Candice said...

What a lovely weekend! The flowers were gorgeous. Love seeing all the pictures!

Lee Ann said...

Lovely wedding and wonderful photos. We live in North Carolina, right outside of Raleigh and we love love love it. We have the ocean and mountains and of course everything in between. Good to know you enjoyed your visit to the Old North State.

elizabeth said...

so lovely!! what a fun time, so glad!!!

reader19 said...

I lost count of how many times during this post that I said "wow!". Everything was beyond beautiful!!! What a dream event! Thanks for sharing with us!

Cate said...

I think this is one of the most beautiful weddings I have every seen! WHERE are the bridesmaid's dresses from? They are absolutely stunning!!!! What a lovely family-filled wedding!