Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Cookies

Christmas baking is such a tradition around here. My favorite is the peppermint candycane cookie, which I'm not sure yet how I will transfer to gluten-free. Absolute standard is the decorated sugar cookie. Most traditional is Scottish shortbread made from my great-grandmother's recipe. My mental list this year looks like this:

regular sugar cookies
gluten-free sugar cookies
gluten-free shortbread
regular candycane cookies
try a gluten-free candycane cookie
peanut clusters
macaroons -- both coconut and parisian
maybe chocolate chip cookies
maybe forgotten cookies
various biscotti

First, we have to get the stomach flu completely out of the house. I can't do any baking until we are not contagious! Last year we never even managed to give away any baking because we were so sick.

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