Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Pictures Part 1

Christmas was wonderful, despite a scare of the stomach bug on Christmas morning (which did not pan out). Everyone had a delightful time and we have some great memories.

Our family has particularly enjoyed the gift of music in our house this December. We were given Margie's piano and it brings us such joy to think of her as we play.

I'm so glad we took the month of December off of school. There was a lot less pressure and we could enjoy making things.

There was a lot of time spent baking last week. Laura loves to help.

Taking cookies to our neighbors is a tradition. This is what our plates looked like.

James begged to use the leftover pie dough.

He made some "cookies" and they reminded me so much of the gingerbread ornaments Tasha Tudor made for her tree (we watched the Tasha Tudor Christmas DVD last week).

Tea Ring is our tradition for Christmas morning.

I found matching shirts for my boys and cousin John at Goodwill. Perfect for Christmas together!

A pie in a box makes a nice gift.

Laura all dressed up for Christmas....

Next comes pictures of our Christmas Day celebration with extended family.

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