Thursday, November 1, 2012

Behind the Scenes

There was a lot that went on behind the scenes to pull the wedding off!! Christina and JK's house was "wedding central" with guests staying there, it being the staging place for all props, and the flowers being done there as well as the dressing of the bride!

Christina provided lots of wonderful food all through the week:

Michael designed the inside of the programs and I sewed them together on the sewing machine:

Here is Christina's basement where the flower work took place. We had planned to do them on the porch, but with record highs of 80F there was no way that could happen.

Seeing family from out of town was one of the biggest highlights of the weekend. Of course it made the fact that we have no relatives in town even more painful. We just can't wait to get together again!

We had gluten free pizza at the rehearsal dinner -- something I had been looking forward to for months!!! There were even gluten free breadsticks!!!

More happy family time! My aunt and uncle and cousin flew in from TX, another cousin from DC, and another cousin and family from WA! On my mom's side we had relatives from NC and ME!!

Another friend flew in from VA. Catching up with old friends is just the best!

Speaking of which, Suse decided to come back to Indiana for the wedding!!! YAY! She is a close family friend that moved away 3 years ago and we despaired of ever seeing her again! It was wonderful to have her back! And, she helped the entire weekend.

Access to the reception site was not possible until Saturday morning! That meant lots of work to go from dusty barn to beautiful reception! We had previously made 8 large and 16 small arrangements for the table.

Everyone pitched in -- probably about 20 of us from both sides of the family.

Decorated white pumpkins were used for table markers. They were beautiful!

I painted the menu door and mom added a bouquet. The food was DELICIOUS!!!!

Lots of decisions to make the morning of!

Several months ago we had a workday and Craig's mom and sister-in-law made the burlap runners and mom stenciled on the initials!

Craig's brother painstakingly hung all the Chinese lanterns. They looked amazing!

Mom's large flower arrangements were stunning!

There were even welcome bags to welcome people in their hotel rooms!

The staging area in Christina's garage -- waiting to be transported to the barn!

All of us girls went together to pick up the flower order on Wednesday. It was too fun going into the big cooler and picking out extras to include.

Lots of friends came over to help......

Friday we had lunch with everyone who was in town. Such a treat to see our Winslow cousins!!!!!

More Winslow women, doing what we do best -- enjoy good food!

Dad hosted his brother and family and did an amazing job -- three bedrooms full of guests and he made them meals, etc.!

 Here are the Winslow women again! Enjoying the delicious food Craig's mom had provided for the Saturday morning setup. Oh we do love chatting over yummy treats!

The vintage mirror, Craig's first gift to Emily that has a long and sweet story behind it, was front and center at the reception stage.

A picture to prove there were many men helping as well!

While the Winslow women were eating, the Winslow men were out setting up road signs to direct traffic. David (front and center) is our Air Force pilot that we are very proud of!

And that's all for now!


southseaislandhome said...

Really enjoyed your 'behind the scenes'. Looks like you were so organized! Everything looks amazing and so pretty! Such a lot of fun.

HeatherMavis said...

I love juxtaposition. The Elegant set against the rustic, homey , everyday things.
My wedding reception was in a camp dining hall. There were hours and hours of preparation and even some renovation. It all came out beautiful. People who had been doubtful "the camp dining hall??" were very pleasantly surprised.

HeatherMavis said...

... I always think the doubters doubted because they were used to big Rhode Island Italian weddings. Thousands of dollars for fancy rented halls with open bars.

Anonymous said...

Wow that is really incredible. I don't have a large extended family and sometimes I really wish I did. It looks like the perfect makings for a great, happy time together. I love the see-through barn.

reader19 said...

Wow! You all really know how to throw a party!!!! It looks like you all spent so much time and love into every step of the process. It all looks so beautiful!

Lovella ♥ said...

I am just amazed at the beautiful reception you all put together. When I saw that menu sign I thought you must have done it with your beautiful handwriting. One thing blogger can never duplicate is someone's personal style beautiful like yours.
Thank you for sharing...