Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We had a lovely Thanksgiving this past week and are now enjoying two whole days at home! Perfect chance to get some rest and catch up on housework.

Isn't the inside of a nutmeg beautiful! 

Cooking cranberries for the pear-cranberry pie:

We had friends over for a Thanksgiving brunch in the morning:

We had pumpkin french toast casserole, spinach and raspberry salad, Portuguese Puffs, bacon-wrapped smokies, and fruit.

Family friends invited us to have Thanksgiving at their house. After the busyness of the fall with all the wedding prep this was a special blessing for all of us!

Carla's house was so beautifully decorated!

And Tweetie bird was his cheerful self (this bird has been around forever and survived being babysat by us when I was a teenager. Mom once thought she nearly killed him!)

The dessert table:

Beauty from nature:

Mom made place decorations:

There were appetizers to enjoy when we arrived:

And fun toys for the kids to play with:

The cheeseballs:

Laura loves being one of the kids:

The turkey looked beautiful and tasted amazing!

I loved the tea trolly!

Rachel enjoyed watching the turkey cutting:

Good food!

Good fellowship!!!

Laura loves her Daddy!

Emily made a cake so we could celebrate Rachel and Carla's birthdays.

The cranberry pear pie:

Laura also loves her Grandma!

The gluten free pumpkin pie:

And now we are eating pie leftovers and getting life organized for the month to come.......


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

LOVE that tea table!

Christopher's birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year and it was absorbed by the Holiday!

Anonymous said...

That looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm so glad you were able to relax.