Saturday, May 3, 2014


It's time I post about Easter before we get so far from it that we leave the season behind.

Against many odds I did get some hot cross buns baked because the children are so attached to them that it would be a huge disappointment for them if I didn't. 

I discovered an embroidered cloth purchased in Scotland that looked like it had great big Easter eggs on it. Lo and behold, the chocolate eggs matched the hues of the embroidery floss -- I felt like Jane Brocket.

At church it turned out that Rachel and her friends had dressed alike -- no memos given!

Auntie C hosted us all at her house after church. Here is the kids' table:

And the adults' table:

We had a delicious lunch of scalloped potatoes, various salads, and ham. See those beautiful linens on Christina's table? She was recently gifted them by a friend!

A picture of my dessert plate:

Arthur is doted on by all of us:

 Another picture of the beautiful Easter table:

And the candy too:

Christina's hutch was just gorgeous for spring:

 And the rose tea cozy looked perfect in the nest of eggs:

Everyone got to choose one of the Easter bunnies:

 Arthur got handed around some more:

We did get a picture of all the kids together:

John looked awesome in his pink shirt that matched his dad's.

Arthur gets some "man" time.

The egg hunt commenced after lunch:

After a long winter, the weather was lovely!!!

Laura checked the Pooh House for eggs:

Then it was out of the yard and onto the back path for more:

Arthur got a little down time on the floor:

And we all got some wonderful desserts!

Easter meringues with pineapple curd and cream:

And a birthday cake for Christina:

And the telltale aftermath the next day:

It was a lovely day, certainly the kind of day that makes you think of heaven and our eternal Sabbath.


Pom Pom said...

Aw! The treats for dessert are gorgeous, as usual! What fun they all had! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that does look like heaven! Beautiful people, girls on the same dress choice wavelength, all ages, lovely linens, food, weather... lots of happiness there. Thank you for sharing it with us!

One of the things I like about Easter is that (in church, anyhow) it continues for a while. It isn't just finished with the Resurrection. The sermon I listened to today talked about how unobtrusive Jesus was in his teachings while he was alive, and also in his appearances to people after the Resurrection (for example, the man on the beach cooking fish). The minister was making the point that we need to look for God in ordinary, everyday things in our lives.