Saturday, February 7, 2015

Bit and Pieces

Life seems more full right now with the children busy with school, lessons, music, and soon sports. I am finding myself simplifying and pulling back from some of my various pursuits to concentrate more on what needs to be done and then recuperating from it. :) I think I'm even taking fewer pictures, which I may need to rectify since I do like to have a record of the children's activities.

I love winter sunsets. Perhaps they are my favorite. They inspire me the most to paint (which hasn't been happening). Just look at those colors!

Laura, of her own accord, has developed her own style of "fancy writing"! Yes! This bodes well for the future. :) I love this child's awareness of beauty.

I often struggle with what to cook and eat, despite my careful menu planning. I think it is the dietary constraints and the energy it takes to cook a good meal. Once in awhile a real treat shows up -- like this leg of lamb we were gifted. Wow was it good! And the leftovers made a most incredible shepherd's pie.

Tea still brings lots of bright spots in my week. I have plenty to post about when I have a chance....

I see this view a lot! Laura waits for her breakfast and lunch in this pose and then this is also the view I see when we shop together as she hangs onto the front of the cart. I love shopping with Laura and I will really miss it when she is too big to come along.

The kids had fun putting these cookies together last weekend.

This has been the view out back all week until today when the temperature reached 54F! Wow. Our windows are open and we all got outside today.

Homeschool has been going well. I love studying history with the kids and reading aloud books to them. This year we have an entire half wall dedicated to a timeline and as we learn things in history (1800's-present) we paste them up. We've also been pasting up photos of our ancestors so we can talk about where they were and what was going on when they were living. We briefly studied the American Civil War this week and the kids loved getting out the sash and bits and pieces from Great-Great-Great-Grandpa Clark's civil war uniform. This brings history alive!

Well, it's time for me to wind down our week and get things settled for tomorrow.


elizabeth said...

looks like lots of good things happening! so glad! :)))

I am finding that I need time to recuperate from things too; Jan/Feb can have its challenges that way!!

reader19 said...

Ah, we feel like we just had a lovely visit with you! What a great post, that really felt like we were there! We are missing you all terribly! Thanks for such a "homey post".

Great love to you all!

Stephanie said...

Looks like you had a good week! Menu planning is such an on going chore. It's fun to find new recipes, but for the weeknight, it's helpful to have fall backs. There's only 3 of us; I can't imagine the volume you must cook for your crew! (sjn821 on Rav)

Unknown said...

Your tea cozys!!! Or is it cozies???? LOL! Just so lovely! Loved hearing about your history adventures. We are reading Our Island Story and they are loving it! :)