Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Tea Trolley

People often ask me, and I often wonder, when did my love affair with tea time begin? The earliest I really remember was as an eight-year-old in our big old Pennsylvania house, using Grandma's teacups (the Grandma we never met) and the pewter pot my sister once stuck in the microwave!

But was that really the beginning? I find it fascinating how many things in life have their root in the very beginning years of our lives. And they stick with us. Early passions, first interests, influences that impact the rest of our years. 

So I looked back. I pulled out the old yellow picture album and combed through the aging 70's photos. And there it was. My first birthday. The china cups. The pewter pot. A tea party! How could I have even doubted? 

These traditions are important even for tiny ones! I don't remember this event at all but it surely laid a foundation for the future. Just as those early memories of that Vermont house I only lived in for four years do: the beauty of the house itself, the direct contact with nature all year long, the people who were in our home frequently for meals or overnight stays. These first introductions to life have stayed with me all these years.

Of course there have been other "tea influences" over time....I shall have to share these in the future....but everything must have a beginning.

So what has the tea trolley been up to lately?

Tea for the annual Christmas in January get-together that I have with my sister and a friend.

We had plenty of goodies for that! Including my favorite gluten free apple tearing.

Look at these adorable pies you can buy at Wildwood Market!!! They are the most delicious flavors -- like peach with lavender and maple bourbon pecan.

One Sunday I decided to bring the kids breakfast in bed. They haven't had much opportunity to experience that so I thought it would be fun. They loved it!

And I am enjoying my tea calendar!!!

A week or so ago I was having a bit of a rough day when an unexpected letter arrived in the mail. How perfect for saving to go with a pot of tea. It was just the thing to make my day brighter.

I've got some of my favorite pink rose teacups up on the mantel just now.

Laura loves to have tea together. Any opportunity she can! And now she has the idea that "food" goes with tea and on Sunday asked if we could have some food with our tea!!!

I pulled out the massive gallon-sized teapot for school the other week. With four drinkers I wanted to make sure I got at least two cups out of the pot. Our lessons were interrupted with many trips to the bathroom.

Someday I'd love to make more cards using Harris Tweed and a teacup theme!

We had a huge roundup of Valentine parties last week! First there was Knitting Club on Monday with several birthdays to celebrate. A gluten free chocolate cake with whipped cream was called for!

Wednesday I was in charge of organizing the staff birthday celebration at Rachel's school. All things chocolate was the theme. (Don't you love that red velvet couch in the background!!??)

Whenever time allows I like to take my afternoon snack on a tray with tea! And maybe a candle!!

Yay for my new tea cozy! I thought I should make myself one in a valentine theme. The heart is removable though so it can be used all year long.

Friday there was a little valentine exchange with cousins.

And there was an AMAZING gluten free, dairy free, small amount of honey only, valentine cake. You can find the recipe here. It is so good!!! And it keeps very well.

 Valentine's Day itself all my decor was down and sailing decorations were up! A friend is expecting her first baby and we were gathered to celebrate!

Afterward it was time for sitting on the couch! I've changed the living room around and now have a long chest in front of the couch which is the perfect place to put a tea tray!!!!

And after lunch on Sunday I spent the afternoon sitting contentedly on the couch drinking tea, listening to a book with the children, and doing my own reading. Such a treat!

 Here is the new guide for the children's breakfast! I work so hard to get them to eat balanced meals and snacks. It doesn't work for our family to all eat the same thing for breakfast, nor for the children to really be told this is what you are eating this morning. Rather, it works better for them to have the option to choose what they will eat. I'm still working on getting them to eat a carb, protein, and fruit/veg at every meal, but this visual is designed to help them figure it out for themselves. We will see....

One last note to leave on: You can read here about the official way to add milk to tea. And, fortunately, the article agrees with me: Milk In First!!!


elizabeth said...

love your tea times, so lovely! sorry you had a rough time a bit back; we all have these, don't we. you are finding lots of great things for GF etc, glad for you. lots of love to you!

Lilbitbrit said...

Totally agree MIF, we never drank tea made any other way when I grew up in Enland. Also if you have a very fine bone china cup it will crack if TIF. Love your Tea Cozy.

Unknown said...

Oh my. LOVELY!!! :D That card with plaid is just so neat...your photo of childhood with tea!!! :D And I'm always SO hungry after coming to your blog! LOL

Stephanie said...

So many lovely events! I think those teachers were especially lucky! And I totally want a piece of that cake now. ;-) Also, the breakfast diagram with options seems like a great idea. (sjn821 on Rav)

Pom Pom said...

Your breakfast choices are brilliant!
I DO love that big green teapot!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful tea-times, and your meal choices look very good too. I'm very impressed by your creative use of Harris Tweed! Hope things are looking up now. X