Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Andrew Turns 13!

A week ago Andrew turned 13! Instead of a typical party, he opted to go paddle boarding with a few friends and have them over for lunch. 

Oh they sure had fun! Two hours of craziness in the water and eventually we made them head for the dock.

Here are the chaperones:

 After lunch they set up in my room for a Minecraft blitz.

Meanwhile we got the cupcakes iced so they could enjoy some cake together. What these pictures don't show are all the other miscellaneous siblings and random neighbor kids who somehow managed to join in at various points.

Middle school boys!

Sunday afternoon we had a cake while Grandma was over.

Yum, yum!!

Monday, Andrew's actual birthday, began with his requested cinnamon rolls. Andrew also requested only monetary gifts, hoping to combine with his savings to purchase an iPod.

 We grabbed Andrew off of online school and took him with us to the Eiteljorg for a school field trip.

The kids just love the stage coach.

And then, that afternoon he went to the Apple store with enough cash for his very own iPod! Yay!

And now I can't imagine my life without Andrew's iPod. It's so easy to find him, ask him to do chores, or invite him to family events on the calendar. Wow. I should have funded this purchase years ago (but of course I'm glad we didn't). Happy Birthday Andrew!


elizabeth said...

how lovely!!! what a nice birthday celebration(s)! he's had!!!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a wonderful birthday. Happy belated birthday, Andrew! A good mixture of good old fashioned fun, and new-fashioned fun. Very funny comment about being able to locate one's children through their devices!

reader19 said...

He sure did look SO happy and full of smiles! So glad he had such a great birthday--just wish we could have been there!