Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Long Live Queen Elizabeth II

What a fun and historic day this was! Queen Elizabeth is now the longest reigning monarch in British history (beating out Queen Victoria)!

I've always been a royal fan, not to mention an avid student of British history, so it was very exciting to think that we are living in this kind of historic moment. It called for clootie dumpling scones and real Assam tea for breakfast.

Michael had the exact days of Queen Elizabeth's reign taped up on the landing when the kids came down in the morning and he kept Classic FM playing in the background all day since they were playing royal music for 24 hours.

At the library one of my clerk friends and I struck up a conversation with another patron who came from London at one time. We were all so excited about the significance of today.

Oh I know some people laugh at all of this "nonsense" but you know, I have found my interest in royalty helpful to me. God chose to reveal Christ to us as our King and as I have observed imperfect royalty and the workings of the monarchy here on this earth it has aided me in understanding my perfect King Jesus. So let the celebrations roll on! And may Queen Elizabeth continue to have a long and prosperous reign.


Lovella ♥ said...

I love our Queen and being part of the British Commonwealth. My Mom collected tea cups from her coronation and wedding and they remain in our family.

elizabeth said...

It IS exciting! I am slowly reading (I stalled because I have a hard time with the horrors that come at the end) a book on Grand Duchess Elizabeth, Queen Victoria's Granddaughter. It shows so strongly how things used to be and how monarchs and this class felt a strong Christian sentiment (Elizabeth was raised in Germany of course of an English Mother, Queen Victoria's daughter and was Lutheran until years after marrying her husband in Russia when she decided of her own volition to become Orthodox) and how strongly they felt true social obligation and care for others. So that you have learned a lot as a Christian by studying royalty is no surprise. I have been learning so much just from that one book! I could go on and on! Email me of course if you want to know more! :)))) I really appreciate how we as Christian women share so much in common - the traditional values of Christian society and a commitment to true loveliness. God bless the Queen! and have mercy on our lands!

elizabeth said...

oh forgot to mention, I recently downloaded Classic FM on my phone, it's so fun! too bad I missed the royal music yesterday!

Unknown said...

I don't think it's nonsense! I love it! :)

Anonymous said...

I thought it was great that she was opening the new Borders Rail line in Scotland on her big day! I'm not a royalist, but I do think she's a very hard-working woman who takes her role with great seriousness, and I respect that. I often think how bizarre it must be to be born into the royal family at a high level.