Saturday, December 19, 2015

Mid December

It's been another festive week around here. Mr. Badger has enjoyed several more outings as well as time by himself at home while we are out! He got his portrait painted by my mom this week....

On Monday I stopped for another tea time, hoping to store up energy for the week ahead. This time there was blueberry cranberry pie.

James finished his metal suit of armor this week. Everyone was pretty excited for him!

Tuesday evening we headed to our, now traditional, Brass Christmas Concert in Zionsville. A friend from church invited those attending to stop by her house first for a light supper. I think we managed to have about 35 attending the concert together!

Laura looked festive in her Santa shirt.

It's always fun when Santa shows up to play the French horn and all the children can help by playing the jingle bells.

This week was also the last week of our IEW writing class until January. That meant we had two Author's Teas to attend. Mr. Badger went along since he is a fan of good literature. James' class has been doing a Narnia themed curriculum.

Here is David reading one of his compositions.

While we were out, we had to take Mr. Badger to our library because it plays such a large role in our life. We come every week to pick up our books on hold and for the kids to pick their own reading out. We love the staff and enjoy exchanging conversation with them each week.

There was time for tea with a friend...

and a belated birthday celebration with gold dusted chocolate cupcakes! Yum!!

Look at this sunset! And the pictures never do these things justice. I love winter skies!!!!

It was Wildwood Market's 1st birthday this week!!!!! This was very exciting for us. My mom, Christina, and I met at the market to bring them some birthday cheer.

Yay for Wildwood!!!!

 Then I got to join another friend for some antiquing. Now that was fun! I don't think I've realized before how lovely Christmas antiques are!

This lady's booth was gorgeous with all her vintage plaid!

Michael decided to take us all to see Star Wars on Thursday night. Mr. Badger, I'm sure having the very same feelings about all this as I did, agreed that perhaps it was a good idea to join the family for such a momentous occasion and think about how two hours of sitting down might just have some benefit.

Our last day of school was yesterday and we were all ready for it!!! YAY!!!! Two weeks of school vacation! We had to celebrate with a little Christmas party and some cookie decorating!

Now I am working to get my head around this next week and how it will go. It's piano recital time this afternoon and a family Christmas celebration tomorrow after church. Have a wonderful weekend!


Lisa Richards said...

First of all, I LOVE your mom's painting, and her painting style! I found myself wishing I could come live at your house. You do so many interesting and creative things! Thanks for a really fun post. Mr. Badger is having the time of his life!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I just started following your Mom on Instagram. She is so talented, I see where you get the Beauty gene from.

elizabeth said...

Loved seeing all these fun times! what nice memories!

reader19 said...

We have been by this post a few times now, but are finally typing in a proper note! Such a fun post--I loved the plaid, the cookies, the armor, the tea tray set-up and wishing I was there to have a pot of tea with you!! Thanks so much for inviting us in to share the holidays with you! Sending along a big hug!