Thursday, December 3, 2015

Rachel Turns 15

The holiday season always begins for us with Rachel's birthday. This year her birthday fell the Saturday before Thanksgiving. We began the day with requested cinnamon rolls and family presents.

Blankets seemed to be the theme! She was overjoyed to receive a huge, soft, black blanket which she can take to school (can you believe high school students take blankets to school?!). She also got an electric blanket and I finished up her quilt for her that she had started years ago.

Perhaps the most exciting thing was the snow that began to fall.

And kept on falling!!!

And turned her birthday party into a slumber party for some of the girls!

While Rachel was busy taking her friends to a movie, James and David were outside making snowmen.

The girls returned for dinner.

And games, and another movie!

And a "Catching Fire" cake!

It was a great weekend! And I think Rachel enjoyed all the time with her friends and family. She also managed to attend Knit Club the week before and celebrate with more friends!

Once the birthday was over it was full-on Thanksgiving!


Lisa said...

What a beautiful day! Happy belated birthday, Rachel. May you reside in the tent and walk in the ways of the Lord (Psalm 15).

Rachel L said...

Oh my goodness Heather! When did our kids get to be this big already!? Happy 15th to Rachel!