Saturday, September 23, 2017

Collecting Seeds

It's the time of year for seeds and there are so many different kinds gracing the garden or dotting the paths through the woods. At this time of year I get a sort of anxiety to get out in the garden and collect my flower seeds before it's too late. Year after year I keep my cosmos, zinnias, and marigolds going this way.

Out in the woods the ground is covered with black walnut and hickory nuts. If you failed to notice them underfoot you might hear the "thump, thump" of them falling nearby. Dark brown seed pods are hanging from all the redbud trees and the first acorns are dropping beneath the oaks.

We are distracted by the hot weather (90F) but if it were cooler we'd see the squirrels running to catch the falling nuts and store them away for winter. If we were children we could collect all these native seeds and pretend to have a "shop" where we sold them: nature's free toys. (This year we are all stuck inside with the air conditioning.)

Maybe next week when the temperature falls again it will seem more like fall and we can go out and collect our treasures and have that squirrel-ish feeling of getting ready for winter.


Gumbo Lily said...

I love your seed collection. When I was a school girl, we made seed charts and I just loved doing that. Such beautiful variety, all with purpose. Cool nature entry.

Marcie said...

The seeds are so varied and interesting. When you put them all together on one page that way, it really is amazing to see the variety, in shapes, color and size. I love this!