Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Nature Journal: Conifers

Last week we studied conifers in my nature journaling classes. Conifers are cone-bearing plants with needle-like leaves. 

 We looked specifically at the differences between pines, spruces, and firs. It's so fascinating to learn details like the direction cones grow (up or down), the way needles grow either singly or in clusters, and whether or not the needles have white stripes underneath.

 I love the kids' drawings! It makes me excited when I watch kids grasp an idea, find something to be beautiful, or learn something new about a plant. 

Look at all these lovely pine branches!

And the texture and colors in this Hemlock!

I also love seeing how organized some students are with their pages.

 I'm fascinated watching the way kids uniquely interpret what they see and record it on their page.

I've been scrutinizing conifers all week as I drive around. It's good to have a reason to pay attention to something and notice.

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