Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Tea Trolley: February

The shortest month is over. Despite its brevity, we packed a lot of tea into the month!

Here's Laura at one of our Sunday afternoon teas.

Valentine's Day was an excuse to decorate and have fun -- we did a Sunday lunch this year.

Candy makes such pretty decorations -- but the kids have no restraint. I'm going to have to give up on candy for a few years I think. 

Each place had a pile of valentines and notes.

For dessert we decided on a waffle bar -- everyone loved it! We had gluten free (and dairy free) waffles with toppings like strawberries, whipped cream, sprinkles, ice-cream, chocolate sauce, and of course real maple syrup.

This is on my agenda to do again soon!

Last weekend was our annual church women's retreat. We started at one house for breakfast and vision board making.

Then we came over to our house for afternoon tea and a sharing time.

There were regular scones and cheddar/bacon scones, veggies with hummus and dip, butternut squash soup, and little sweet treats.

Here's the soup:

I liked the look of the tea tier set against the books. :) 

Best of all is the look of having friends around the table!

And the next day there were leftovers for a little tea treat.

And another Sunday tea with Laura.

 And now we are in to March -- with the first day of spring only 19 days away (as Laura informed me several times today). We always have tea on the first day of spring...I'll have to remember it this year. When I started that tradition we had plenty of time, too much time, for things like tea. Now it is hard to find time.

A happy weekend to you all! May it include a few cups of tea!


elizabeth said...

oh I love your tea trolley posts!!! so nice to see it here!!! such pretty teas! Yes, it is so important to have some moments to slow down and celebrate with tea!!!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I love how you assemble a tea tray. Umm... I must admit that Hershey's kisses do not last long in my home.