Saturday, May 30, 2020

Life on the Home Front: Memorial Day and Beyond

Peony week officially began on Sunday with my first blooms (not these). It's one of the most special flower weeks of the year! Aren't these Coral Charms my sister had amazing!!!!!

Cousin Olivia turned 3! We brought presents to her lawn and enjoyed seeing the extended family.

My sister gave me one of the coral charms. You can see that one day later it had already changed color!

Monday, being Memorial Day, I didn't work at the flower shop but rather did chores around the house and we all enjoyed an outside dinner with hamburgers and hotdogs and radishes fresh from the garden!

We also had some sparkler fun. This child loves fire.

Tuesday was my flower day and it was fun to work with 200 peonies, snapdragons cut fresh from the farm, and lots of other colorful ingredients.

As the week has gone on more of my peonies have opened!

I enlarged one of my flower beds and added a hibiscus and a rose.

Michael managed to capture this picture of our red-shouldered hawk babies! We all love taking walks to our woods to check on them!

More peonies! The Bowl of Beauty has produced many blooms this year!

I ended the week with a Wendy Hollender Botanical Drawing class. 

And pizza for dinner on Friday night. And now the sun is shining, the air is cool, and it's the start of another weekend.

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HeatherMavis said...

Ahh," Piano Flowers" as the Irish have called them. It started by a mistake in learning the english language.Someone thought the word "Peone" was piano and there you go. I just picture a vase full of those lovely feminine frilly flowers sitting atop a well polished piano ( grand or not). It makes sense to call them that old folk name.
Someday, I'd like to have some growing in my yard.
Heather, I'll be emailing you soon. I have something you may be able to help me and thus my husband with.