Saturday, June 6, 2020

Summer 101

Life is not back to normal, but the scale of busy-ness has certainly tended back toward normal. And it's hot now. A highlight of our week was getting the AC replaced. We are so thankful!

We began our week joining others at a peaceful rally to listen to members of our community and to pray as we walked through downtown and participated in a lie-in for 8 min and 46 sec. Our week has continued to be filled with questions, feelings of huge inadequacy, sorrow, frustration, anger, bewilderment. It's also been filled with good conversations and listening to podcasts and ordering books and more praying.

Flower therapy was so welcome on Monday. More time to listen and pray and think.

Some of the kids went to my mom's and helped her with outside garden chores. Sorry for them -- it was hot!

I attended my very last portrait oil painting class. I enjoyed the classes so much. They were hard work, but worth it all and I learned so much!

Michael and I met friends at Eagle Creek for a walk and a visit. The wild roses were in bloom along with so many other fun nature finds, including a water snake. Michael and I also watched our baby hawks take some of their first little "flight hops" between branches by their nest.

I finally finished a five painting commission "Scenes from Manhattan" and the paintings were turned into a card set! Yay! Soon to be available in my online shop.

 I also painted some fun sheep cards for a friend! I want to do more with sheep breeds.

My other fun job of the week was turning this pile of flowers into wedding flowers.

The wedding colors were mauve or dusty rose. Apparently it's a hard combination to find in nature. But my wholesaler did a great job finding the right things!

Definitely a romantic bouquet!

And lovely corsages which got silver ribbon:

A friend and I did some social distancing crafting together on a HOT afternoon.

Good thing there was cake and rhubarb elderflower sparkling waters afterward!

Saturday morning found me hauling my goods to the wedding!

The cake looked absolutely perfect!

And so did the bride, a dear family friend. I think our family has done flowers for 3 out of 4 of their weddings over the past 16 years.

After delivering the flowers I drove home to watch the wedding via livestream. Such are the times.

And now I'm doing housework, resting, and rearranging my room to better suit my next business idea!

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Shirley in Washington said...

Your wedding flowers are lovely! I received a beautiful flower arrangement as a gift and on one of the leaves was a tiny ladybug glued on. Such a cute idea! Here in my area of Washington we have finally moved from Phase One to Phase Two of quarantine. A few retail, restaurants and hair salons can begin to reopen. Take care and thank you for sharing your blog! Blessings, Shirley