Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The Last of June

Father's day seems a lot further away than just a week ago. The weather cooperated and we enjoyed our evening meal outside on the patio.

Sunday is our dessert day. Once in awhile we have a weeknight dessert, especially if we've had something lighter like beans and rice for dinner. This was cherry cobbler. We have a lot of our desserts with natural sugar substitutes (honey or maple syrup) so that everyone can eat them.

Monday flowers once again. We are starting to have local flowers, grown by my sister's in-laws, to put into bouquets. It makes a difference in the whimsy. 

These yellow bouquets were just so cheery!

I went INSIDE the library for the first time since March. It was different -- so quiet, much darker (I couldn't figure that one out), and I didn't self-check my books.

But, I did discover that we could get seeds from our library! Who knew! I grabbed some butterfly weed, zinnias, cosmos, and cone flower. What a wonderful service!

I am enjoying my hollyhocks so much! Next week I'll have to show the black one that turned up in the back garden.

We made it back to the Art Museum gardens! One of our happy places.

This is a Bottlebrush Buckeye bush. I love the beautiful candles that reach up about 12 inches each and then have the tiniest little coral specks attached. Lovely scent too.

My patch of milkweed is in full bloom and scenting the whole backyard. The bees love it. I am so sad that I haven't seen any butterflies yet. Where are they???

And now here we are on the last day of June!

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Shirley in Washington said...

The flower photos and bouquets are so beautiful! I loved your comment several blog posts ago about the quarantine still in place but life becoming busier anyway. I feel like that also! Here my little corner of Washington they are threatening us with a return to Phase 1 because of the increase in positive cases. Blessings to you and your family! Shirley