Monday, July 27, 2020

Last Week of July

July is just a busy month! In some ways it's nice to reach the end of a busy season, but July also spells high summer to me and August points toward fall and a new season and new seasons always bring a little bittersweet with them.

As usual, my week began at the flower shop.

Tuesday found me in my front yard enjoying a visit from my friend Christy who came all the way from NYC! Incidentally, I was to have been there this weekend but of course covid changed all that. Instead Christy was at my house.

Wednesday we got together with extended family to celebrate my mom's birthday. Chocolate cake was in order!

Yay for cousin time!

The chocolate cake was quite a treat!

We said hello to Job the donkey.

And we checked out the gardens at Grandma's house.

And we even got a safe selfie.

Thursday I was back at flowers.

And Friday David turned 14!

Two of my monarchs went into chrysalis (and as of today I have 5 in chrysalis!).

Friday evening Drew finally had the chance to graduate high school! Way to go Drew! We are so proud of you!

Drew begins at IUPUI for Business and Education next month!

By Saturday I needed a little alone time and took myself off to Eagle Creek for a hike and some painting.

David had a friend over to celebrate his birthday.

And I took some pictures of my garden, which is finally getting back to capacity after many years of fighting voles.

The side garden looks so pretty right now with all the hydrangeas and the purple phlox and hostas.

And now we are waiting to find out if the kids will go to school this week as planned or if the start of school will be pushed back. Such is life.

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elizabeth said...

what a lot of wonderful celebrations! Sorry you were not able to go to NYC; I would have loved to see you! wonderful that your friend came to you!!! God bless you dear one and your family!