Monday, August 11, 2008

The Lanier Mansion of Madison

Touring the Lanier Mansion was definately a highlight of our trip to Madison. James F. D. Lanier was the leading citizen of Madison at one time.

Lanier's immense wealth came in handy for the State on Indiana -- Lanier gave $500,000 for troops to be fitted out for (I think) the Civil War and also bankrolled the State when they were going under with debt.

The house is in a beautiful setting, right off the banks of the Ohio River. In its heyday a pig farm was just up the street as well as iron works, so perhaps it was not once so idyllic.

The dining room was beautiful albeit a bit busy with all the decorations on the wallpaper.

There were two parlors (mirror images of each other).

A lovely view from the upstairs windows out to the river.

The house had four bedrooms plus two little sitting rooms/offices on the second floor. The attic floor had room for servants and children.

The very feminine girls' room:

This bedroom was very, very busy with all the patterns everywhere and the very ornate bed.

A view from the side.
The Lanier House has done a good job of trying to maintain historical integrity. I just love learning about history, especially how people lived. I think it would be so fun to go back in time just for a day and be a guest at a home like this! I'm sure life was too hard back then to make it enjoyable long-term, but it would be fun for a day! :)


southseaislandhome said...

What a beautiful place, but after our floods of last week, all I can think about (except admiring the amazing garden out the window) is wondering if the river ever floods? I love the little girl's room.

Amy K said...

What beautiful pics. You have a great eye for photos! We also ate at the Downtowner (two times, too) and liked it a lot. I didn't notice the pigs! How could I have missed that!!

I'm so glad that you and M had a few days to slip away!

Niall MacC said...

I have just caught up on your blogging. Your photos are lovely. I like the B&B you stayed in. Very nice!

God bless,