Saturday, August 16, 2008

The State Fair

I love the State Fair! It has a very nostalgic feeling for me which is strange since I didn't grow up going to the fair, nor am I from a farming family.

I think it has to do with all the wonderful fair-related books I read as a child: Charlotte's Web, Farmer Boy, Windy Foot at the County Fair, etc. In my imagination I went to the fair with the characters in each book. Now, when I go to the fair, I feel like I'm reliving those imaginations.

And hopefully my children will have precious memories of the "real" fair when they grow up!

There are so many fun things to do at the fair! It's definately a wonderland for children.

And tractor after tractor to climb on:

Even adults can do a little pretending:
The Pioneer Village is definately a highlight with its focus on how life used to be on the Indiana Prairie:

Here's what my kitchen would have looked like 100 years ago:

And then I would have graduated to a kitchen like this:

Thinking about Laura and Mary and Little House on the Prairie:

The animals are so much fun to watch and touch:
Lately I've been feeling "the urge" to make a quilt. These vintage quilts just added fuel to fire:

This is a scene I love: the horse barns. I think it has to do with the Windy Foot series. I do feel a bit attached to them:
Of course we had to see "World's Largest Board" (we think that is a category and maybe not a fact). He was too big to stand, weighing in at over 1,100 pounds.

The brown pigs were pretty cute -- their faces reminded us of friendly dogs.

I really, really enjoy watching horse competitions in the arena.

Or, seeing them go by outside:

A trip to the sheep barn was a must since Auntie C was along. How do you like this hair-do?

These poor sheep were all prettied up and thus had to stay under their blankets. They looked very funny indeed!
The barn was filled with beautiful sheep, looking the best they ever do after all the extra attention, baths, shaving and fluffing:
"We're hungry!" baaed the sheep. "Let's try these."

We made it to the Dairy Bar just in the nick of time. Their ice-cream is delicious, possibly the cheapest food at the fair, and comes in huge portions. The kids were very happy!

Then it was time to hit the Midway for one ride of choice before ending on the Ferris Wheel.

And now we all can't wait to go again next year! Hurrah for the State Fair!


southseaislandhome said...

That looks like a great day out. What fun! That picture of the two boys in the truck is cute!
Rachel L

Catherine said...

It's fun to see what everyone does at the Fair. I didn't have any idea what we should be looking for, so I feel like we missed a lot and we'll know better what to do next year! Like the ice cream, for sure. :)

Monica said...

I love the tractor pictures and the pigs, too. They look like they are smiling:)

SueJ said...

Wonderful! Reminds me of all of the agricultural shows we went to when Callum was a tractor/ farm mad 3,4,5 year old!

Laura said...

LOved the Fair pictures... so glad I made it at the end... Dad said he wants to go next year... :)loved you on the tractor!!!!

Anonymous said...

We went to the Indiana State Fair one year when we were over, fond memories! Looks like you guys had a great time!