Monday, August 18, 2008

The Peaches

The peaches did indeed ripen up, and right on schedule for me too! The first to ripen were made into peach jam and then the next day the rest were ready to be made freezer-bound.

The peach jam came together quite nicely. This was my first time to "process" jam in a canner after it was put into jars. It was quite a shock to my system to see how much sugar it took to make 13 cups of jam! Yikes! I'll be buying low-sugar pectin for the future!

This week seems busy. Michael is preparing for an important day of church meetings on Friday. I will join him in the evening for the ordination of a good friend of ours. We will be hosting a husband and wife from Wisconsin who are coming down for this meeting.

Next week is our week of family vacation at home, so I'm trying to prepare for that so it can be somewhat relaxing. :) School begins immediately following vacation! Life never really ever stops, does it? I am thankful for moments to sit and rest a bit and regain equilibrium in the midst of busyness.


Heather said...

Heather - your peach preserves look so yummy! Great job! I'm sure that if the lids are indented and tightly sealed they will last for the year - but since it's so very tasty, I'm guessing they will be long gone before that! Your jam is a bit darker in color than mine - different type of peaches, perhaps!

Niall MacC said...

I just love your photos Heather. It's one of the reasons I visit! Thanks for the encouragement about the class room. Sometimes I think I am the only one out there, you know whatI mean?!