Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Odds and Ends and Cakes

I figure it's about time for a post on what we've been up to. Today we were able to participate in a wonderful program called "Give Kids a Smile" which provides free dental care once a year for people without dental insurance.

We were seen by a wonderful dentist and his staff of very friendly people. The children all had a wonderful time, even David who promptly burst into terrified tears when his name was called. The wise hygienist thought we should let David mosey about while the other children were seen. Sure enough, David was begging for his turn by the time the others finished.

Rachel did so well. We'll have to see to a few superficial cavities (due to her inherited deeply grooved teeth, not poor brushing, said the dentist) and get some sealants:

It turns out James and Andrew need to have spacers put in their upper palates so I think I'll be making a call to the orthodontist school downtown.

I was so thankful for the very competent care we were given and for the wonderful experience all the children had.

This is a photo a friend sent me of her parents' back garden during the London snow fall! Michael and I have been following the snow news in the UK and smiling a bit at the effects of just 6 inches of snow! It sure is rare for them!

Our snow is gone and today we've been able to open the windows a bit, turn off the heat, and enjoy the temperatures nearing 60 degrees! Yay for a breath of fresh air!
Here's the first thing I've made out of the beautiful Laura Ashley skirt I mentioned recently. It's a spring purse just for me. :)

Andrew asked me to take a picture of the scarf he is knitting for Michael. Andrew sewed a pink heart onto it and told me I could use it for my "pink blog posts." How very sweet! He's made quite a bit of progress on the scarf and has probably 8 inches knitted so far. He has far more determination than I had at that age.

Emily made dessert for our Sunday company -- an incredible lemon meringue raspberry cake, which I think needs to be called affectionately the Daffodil Cake (because it seems perfect for spring).
The topping is meant to be perfectly toasted meringue. However, the cake got left in the oven for 3 minutes instead of 2. Em popped it in the oven, took her seat, Michael prayed for the meal, and then she flew to the oven. Too late. Oh well. It still tasted terrific, even if it didn't look picture-perfect.
In fact, the cake was so good, we decided to make another one for church fellowship that evening. The recipe is here.
And I've posted the recipe for the pink chocolate cake. You must try it!

Let's see. It's a busy week for us. Besides the dentist today and a visit with a neighbor, we have a few more visits to pay to grandparently-type friends later this week and several valentine events to get ready for. Our weeks seem to be either quiet or hectic, no in between. I do have a few more "pink" photos to post in the mean time.


Lovella said...

Oh another wonderful purse and how absolutely awesome that your kids have such a good dentist to go to.
The cake with the meringue looked good to me. . .I always enjoy the darker pieces of the little curl ontop of lemon meringue pie. . .
oh and your cherry cake. .yes, I'm going to have a closer look at that one too.

liz nelson said...

i can attest that the lemon raspberry cake was delicious.:) we had a great time on sunday!

Ruth MacC said...

You are busy! I like the purse you made and the scarf, and the cake!