Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Christina's Baby Shower

Saturday was our turn to host a baby shower for Christina. We finally settled on a cafe theme:

Emily and our friend, Suse, got to work on Friday evening to turn the house into a cafe. The zinnia garden came in handy:
We borrowed chairs and card tables and moved all the furniture around:

And, in the mean time, we worked on the food.

By Saturday morning it really did look like a cafe:

The teacups were set out:

And all the food. We had meringues:


Pain au chocolat:
and yogurt parfaits:

A sweet picture of Christina:

Then came all the guests:

There was also coffee:

Lots of chatter and laughter:

And everyone seemed to enjoy their food:

We filled all the tables and had to spill over into the living room.

After food, we had presents:

There were many beautiful things, including a carseat and stroller. We had no idea how soon Christina would need her carseat!

And then the shower was over and Christina went home to begin labor in a few hours. And now we're off to take the kids to meet their little cousin!


Alaina said...

What beautiful pictures - so sorry I couldn't be there! It looks fabulous! And what sweet pictures of baby John!

Lovella ♥ said...

OH how fun .. .I wish I could have come to your cafe. . I mean shower.
Talk about sliding that one in. . .she looks amazing for having hours before delivery.

The syders said...

I love Baby Showers...looks like you all had a Fab time.

Ruth MacC said...

That was a great idea, and she just about make it!!!
It just dawned on me why we dont have baby showers over here. Almost everybody are catholics and therefore have pretty large christnings where the baby is baptized and then there is a party afterwards where people give gifts.

Totally different from what most people do where you live. Not having drink at them is a very good thing!