Monday, August 10, 2009

First Things First

The day before we were meant to head off on holiday we had a gathering to celebrate our 10th anniversary, my mom's birthday, and David's birthday. There were lots of yummy things to eat:

Carrot cake:

Salad, rice pilaf, shish kebab, and grilled veggies:

David wasn't quite sure about candles:

But Grandma is an old pro:

Then there were presents:

As it turned out, we ended up leaving several days late for vacation which meant David would be celebrating his actual birthday in the car! A "car party" was planned:

Everyone wore party hats (wonder what the other cars thought!):

There were party bags and noise makers:

And cupcakes too:
And of course a present:

A new toy for vacation!

And here is one happy camper. :)

After about 18-20 hours on the road, over the course of 2 days, we made it to our destination -- Naples, Florida. More pictures to follow........


A Little Bunny said...

so sweet, happy birthday! what a good idea. i am impressed with the 20 hour road trip. we barley make it 4 hours to cape cod before major meltdowns happen.

lil_misssunshine said...

how fun! the carrot cake looks yummy! hope you had a good day! :) x

Ruth MacC said...

A car party! Thats new to me!