Thursday, August 13, 2009

Knitting on Vacation

I picked out a number of books, and several knitting projects to take on vacation. I figured I'd get a lot of reading done, and maybe some knitting.

It turned out the other way around. Guess how much knitting you can get done with 38 hours in the car! A LOT!!! And guess how much reading you can get done taking a vacation with kids? NOT a lot. :)

I knitted my very first shawl on the trip. Sue is always making shawls it seems, and I kind of wondered why, until I started mine. They are so much fun! And, they are so beautiful, and they don't take that much yarn.

This shawl is the Flower Basket Lace Shawl by Fiber Trends. I knitted it with some of my recycled wool from a hand-knit sweater I bought at Goodwill. (Check out the flower arrangement. We were too enamored with these rose heads from the wedding flowers to just throw them out.)

Christina helped me out with the loan of her magnetic board to keep track of the lace charts. That made it SO easy!

And, Christina also kindly blocked the shawl for me when I got home. I just love it!

I also finished my Nutkin sock!!! (and started on its mate) And I made two other adorable projects but those cannot yet be revealed. :)

The fair was so much fun last night. And we spent a bit of time talking to the owners of a Shetland sheep farm. And we also went to the wool room where Christina talked me into buying some gorgeous blue yarn to make another shawl (it was only $7.25 for 600 yards -- and besides, I found a $5 bill in the parking lot!). I guess I've been bit by the shawl bug.......


Heather said...

I'm glad you have found a new knitting passion - I've never knit a shawl, but yours looks lovely! I love the pictures of your vacation to Naples - and I hope you are all over your sunburns! Ouch! I looks like you were blessed with a lovely time away and some precious memories! What a delight - and knitting time too! We are away right now - up with my parents, but I'm too sick to enjoy it yet ... hoping to be well enough for fun soon!

Mrs J said...

Love your shawl. So glad that you enjoyed your first shawl 'experience'! Your pictures of Florida are stunning. My son went there three years ago & thought it was a fantastic place -he got to see the turtles coming up the beach to lay their eggs!

A Little Bunny said...

hey heather, send me an email to my gmail trying to email you and it is bouncing back.

Ruth MacC said...

Just beautiful.