Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Water

The highlight of our vacation was, no doubt, the beach. We spent almost every morning there. Here are the kids, ready for swimming:

Across the street from where we stayed was this:

With plenty of white sand for doing this:

The water was beautiful, shallow, clear, and as you walked out you came to the "sand dollar bar":

It took David a few days to get comfortable with the water:

And of course we adults got our share of sunburns. Somehow the kids kind of escaped that:

Numerous sand castles were constructed:

"Quintessential Beach" (however, Michael and I never even bothered to try to read at the beach):

Sunday afternoons, and some evenings, we enjoyed walking on the beach:

And looking at the sunset:

The colors were so beautiful:

David did enjoy himself quite a bit:

Every morning a little 5 year old boy came out to fish (seemingly on his own -- I hope there were parents somewhere nearby):

Isn't it beautiful!

There's nothing like vast stretches of water to wash away the cares of the world:

I love the sea oats against the sunset:

The colors are definately the ones in "my palette":

We did get to one rock jetty:

Another Sunday afternoon stroll:

As you can see, we all enjoyed the beauty and the relaxation. Every day we thanked God for providing this vacation for us -- it's not something we could have just organized on our own. The memories will serve to tide us through the months ahead.


Alaina said...

Beautiful pictures!!! Looks like such a wonderful and relaxing time!

Rachel L said...

What a lovely place, and I'm so glad you had such a nice holiday. The sand looks so white! I love that photo with the beach umbrella against the blue of the sea. I've heard about those sand dollars - someone sent me a postcard about them once.
I too, usually find that the under-5's take awhile to 'warm up' to the sea, and I always take a book down onto the beach too, and never end up reading a single word!
Looks like you all will have some lovely memories of your holiday.
Rachel L

Monica said...

There's nothing more beautiful than where the ocean and sky meet. Gorgeous!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

That sea oats against the sunset would make a fabulous painting!

I flinched when I saw those sunburns...been there, done that too.

After seeing this post, I feel much more relaxed too. Thank you!

Ruth MacC said...

The photos are great, all the wildlife and the beach... where are all the people? Just beautiful. Looks like you all had a great time and I bet you will enjoy the memories for a long time to come.

Amy K said...

I've been wanting to look at these and finally found a few minutes. How beautiful. So glad you had this trip and made so many memories. Looks very relaxing. I agree--nothing like a stretch of wide open water, waves, and sand.