Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Appearance of Fall

Fall is certainly here, even though the leaves aren't at their peak. Our heating is on now, and I'm craving lots of tea and soup. I got out Sunday afternoon for a walk:

Some of the kids came with me -- what a wonderful time of year for exploring in the woods:

I can't wait until we see more deep orange and red.

Every now and then one does catch a glimpse of red:

Mushrooms are popping up everywhere.

And there is a bush covered in rosehips that we pass everytime we go walking.
The only flowers we see are these lavendar-colored ones -- scattered everywhere in the woods:
We always stop at this point to admire the water:

Michael is away in Chicago for a seminar and we are busy with school and lots of cooking and baking that needs to be done. The winter clothes are almost all switched in and I'm trying to make order out of my craft closet. I've just finished Ysolda's Ishbel Shawl and it's blocking on the floor of my bathroom right now. Can't wait to show you!


willow said...

Lovely photographs, Heather. It looks as if it was a lovely calm day, the reflections in the water are so clear.
The trees are colouring here but there is still quite a bit of green. I'm trying to hold off putting the heating on for a little bit longer although it gets quite chilly at night. I made soup yesterday, its definitely soup weather now.

Ruth MacC said...

The photos are nice Heather. Why is the grass cut in one of them? Is it a private woods?
I am enjoying the Autumn here too. The weather has been just lovely and Sean has been using every oppertunity to use the kite Niall gave him. Thisng are good in the MacCarthaigh household:0)

Heather said...

Beautiful pictures - so restful and refreshing! You've been busy - it's good to take time out for fall walks! I'm craving soup too - today it was two pots of soup on the go - turkey noodle and black bean. Frozen in lunch sized portions for us to enjoy on a cold winter's noon. And ... PTL our heat is on - the problem was just a dirty part that needed some cleaning and all was well. For now - ancient furnaces tend to be troublesome at times!

Mrs J said...

Beautiful pictures. I think we are a little head of you in the rush into Autumn -most of our trees are now orange & brown.